Attracting Top IT Talent: How Workplace Culture Matters

By Josh Walling January 24, 2020
top it talent at workstation

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent in tech. Many organizations face problems that are more complex than we give them credit for. If you’re an organizational leader, you’re not alone in figuring out the right “mix” to add to your talent acquisition strategy.

If you’re a potential job seeker, you’re also not alone. Without an employee referral, it can be hard to acquire objective information about organizations you wish to call your next professional home. To help, we’re sharing what we think makes ivision brilliantly unique among career opportunities in Atlanta and across the Southeast. 

Engineering-Centric Collaboration

From the beginning of ivision’s history, our core services have focused on two key areas. The first is discovering the pain points of our enterprise customers. Then, we collaboratively explore with our customers how we can leverage technology to ease those stressful pain points. It’s that simple.

Over the years, our leadership has listened to team members and assessed the successes and challenges of their efforts. In response, they implemented thoughtful processes and procedures that have driven innovation and creative execution for our technical and non-technical teams.

This is a culture where you have a great opportunity to thrive. At our core, ivision is made of engineers supporting engineers. As an employee, you’ll have the mobility to flex your creative muscles while working autonomously to grow your craft.

Passion for Learning and Growth

Have you heard of career-pathing? How about career-mapping? Our teams understand the multiple paths you can take to achieve a specific end-goal. For any technology-centric firm experiencing massive growth, there are many technical career paths that could be independently structured.

At ivision, our team members are passionate across so many areas of technology that we decided to form clusters. These allow our technical team members the freedom and flexibility to map their career journey across multiple teams and technologies on the path to their end goal. 

For example, you may start your career journey by obtaining expertise in network. That could lead you into virtualization tools, which may grow a future curiosity in learning how to secure multiple public cloud technologies.

Eventually, you may become a security-focused public cloud-certified expert — after years of collaboration and focus in pushing the boundaries of enterprise infrastructure. We’re here with all the resources and support you need to achieve your career goals.

Flexibility and Culture

As a technology-focused and growing company, we’ve refined our processes to drive more work flexibility than ever. Right now, we have more telecommuting employees all residing 50 miles from ivision HQ than ever before. This number will only grow as we learn with our employees. We’re executing tools to help our people collaborate and immerse in our amazing culture from the comfort of their home offices.

What’s more, we also offer employees the flexibility  to give back in ways they’re passionate about. Each year, our team members can use 20 of their work hours for community service. That amounted to a total 2,673 hours spent volunteering in 2019!

Our service-oriented culture is one of the many ways we attract and retain top IT talent. If you are interested in joining a great workplace, learn more about careers at ivision. We are always looking to fill our open positions