Hiring the right IT professionals.

By Josh Walling June 21, 2018

What is your organization’s greatest and most scarce asset? 

Contrary to popular belief, financial capital isn’t your company’s most valuable asset, it’s people – your talent. The most profitable company our world has ever seen was built in a garage with two brilliant and talented individuals with absolutely no money.  

Considering top talent’s potential impact on your organization, it’s not surprising that finding, selecting, and hiring high-performing talent is so essential for organizations of all sizes, and, simultaneously, one of the most difficult initiatives to execute. According to a recent Harvard Business Publishing Survey of global professionals,  “only 32 percent of global leaders are confident their organization has the necessary leadership talent and skills to achieve their strategic goals.”   

The goal of recruiting at ivision is to acquire the top 5% of talent who can deliver 95% of our organization’s value. Attracting high-quality talent is easier said than done but it’s not rocket science if you follow a simple core set of principles: 

  1. Never Settle for B and C Players 

    You want to be the best, so why not recruit the best? Top performers are typically eight times more productive than their lower-performing counterparts, providing a differentiating factor few of your competitors will be able to imitate in the long-run. Hiring a B player may help you achieve your short-term goals but B players are intimidated by high-performers and, when placed in leadership positions, will recruit C players into your organization. Never settle and always pursue the “crème of the crème” no matter how long the time-to-fill your role expands. 

  2. Understand your Employee / Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

    What do your soon-to-be hires receive for what they give? Drive each recruits’ specific EVP clearly until they can recite it by memory without hesitation. Repeat, repeat, and repeat! The EVP should be tangible, specific to the function you’re recruiting, and not disillusioned only to be added to your eternal careers webpage. Exercise attunement to understand your candidates’ perspectives and thoughts throughout the recruitment process.  

  3. Push and Pull Your Organization’s Values and Mission to the World 

    Recruiting is at the intersection of push and pull where you must find top performing talent and allow the opportunity for top talent to find you. There is a sea of rejection waiting for you as you seek the highest caliber of talent. Many of your top candidates will hesitate to join your mission today. It’s all about timing; be buoyant in the sea of rejection, and the initial hesitation will only be temporary. Don’t exclude past candidates for new opportunities because a silver-medalist for one position might just be gold for another. 

  4. Your Recruiting Task is Your Entire Company’s Mission 

    Your employees’ networks are the ultimate recruiting tool, which can expand a single company’s existing talent pool by 10! Referrals are a major source of discovering new talent. Integrate your current employees’, and their networks, into your recruiting process through tangible and intangible incentives. Every member of your team is an evangelist that craves to work with top-talent just as must as you, provide the outlet to help. 

Remember that, when searching for the right talent to join your organization, it’s going to take time. You have a specific list of requirements; so do your candidates. The perfect candidate for your IT position will not only check off the boxes logistically but also fit with your company’s culture.  

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