Industries We Serve

We serve sector-leading clients in market-leading industries, and we get to know their business. That’s how we’re able to use our IT expertise to solve their business problems and help them gain competitive advantages.

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Secure collaboration with clients.

Our products, services and cost-controlling infrastructure allow lawyers to securely collaborate with clients and one another from anywhere in the world. We help law firms build IT environments that align with their clients’ security expectations. We enable and support backup and recovery capabilities and help firms achieve compliance around data-archiving regulations. In addition, our Mergers & Acquisitions services facilitate smooth IT integration that yields success.

Business/Consumer Services

Perfect solutions for B2B and B2C organizations.

Our versatility of services and solutions allows us to provide the perfect solutions for business-to-business or business-to-consumer organizations. We understand the customer comes first. Whether they need simple assistance or a full reconstruction of their infrastructure, our team is equipped to handle any and all hurdles without disrupting the business. Let iVision help your business achieve its goals without having to worry about the technology behind it.


We help you focus on your customers and communities.

When you’re responsible for making sure things go right for entire cities, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your technology can keep up. Let iVision take the load off and provide the solutions you need so you can focus on serving your customers and communities.


We provide robust platforms that support automation.

Globalization and technology have transformed manufacturing, and our IT services and support help manufacturers adapt their business to the demands and opportunities. We provide robust platforms that support automation, and we guide and implement connectivity initiatives that link operations half a world apart. We help companies create virtualized infrastructure capable of supporting enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other platforms that improve supply chain visibility and increase customer satisfaction. Our Mergers & Acquisitions services smooth the process of IT integration amid consolidation.


We help to build infrastructure for rapidly increasing data demands.

Technology companies come to iVision because we have the engineering talent and experience to support their high-level needs. We help companies build infrastructure for rapidly increasing data demands. Our consulting and transformational services support cloud initiatives. We have expertise in virtualizing storage, desktops, applications and networks, and we can deliver the tools and secure infrastructure necessary to support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives.


Constant communication that is seamless and secure.

Construction requires a lot of moving parts in a lot of different locations. Our team is here to make that constant communication not only seamless, but secure. By reassessing your organization’s unique needs at every step, we ensure that you can focus on completing projects on time and within budget while we take care of everything behind-the-scenes.


We help with business intelligence through large-scale data analysis.

By assisting insurers with infrastructure transformations, we enable them to gain business intelligence through large-scale data analysis. Our Mergers & Acquisitions services boost the success of their consolidation strategies. We help companies move toward customer-oriented operating models and onto robust platforms to support claims, policy administration and billing. We offer expertise around IT regulatory compliance for the insurance industry and support related initiatives. We build scalable, flexible platforms that enable insurers to do more with less.


We help firms stay focused on business growth.

Mobility and global operations have changed the IT landscape for financial services companies. Our secure, robust infrastructure enables them to nimbly adapt to these trends, as well as manage data loads that double every year. We help companies capture faster insights by bringing analytics to their data, rather than archiving and consolidating it in a warehouse. Our platforms are secure and flexible, and our backup and recovery capabilities help firms achieve compliance with regulations and stay focused on business growth. We support data integration and management and provide customer-centric applications. We design, transform and operate flexible, secure infrastructure that improves efficiency and supports next-generation technologies.


We help create centralized application management and storage platforms.

Healthcare companies face extraordinary IT challenges as they move from legacy systems to robust platforms capable of meeting current and future data and regulatory demands. Our experts guide providers through this technological transformation, ensuring they have the hardware, software and virtual desktops needed to support electronic medical records platforms, while remaining compliant with patient-privacy regulations. We help create centralized application management and storage platforms for image archiving and other data-intensive needs. Our IT platforms, services and support enable healthcare providers to gain efficiency, boost productivity and manage growth.