Navigating the VMware Acquisition with Microsoft

By John Oppel July 10, 2024

I am privileged to be in a position to speak regularly with CTOs, Infrastructure Architects, and business leaders nearly every day of the work week and a common theme has emerged. Throughout these discussions, it’s become clear that these leaders are unsettled in their disposition to the recent Broadcom / VMware acquisition and the subsequent license changes. Much like when public cloud first came on the scene, I believe this is another inflection point that will cause significant disruption in the technology marketplace. This disruption is prompting even small organizations to again re-evaluate their data center, hypervisor, and cloud strategies. 

This has prompted conversations not all too dissimilar to those I had several years ago when businesses were first considering datacenter consolidations and move of workloads to the public cloud.  What are my preferences?  What are my business prerequisites?  What choices will best suit my needs?

When it comes down to it, businesses have three main options:

How ivision can help with Microsoft technologies:

1. Azure Native Migration

Why is this good?

2. Azure VMS Solution (AVS)

What is AVS? VMware Solution is a partnership between Microsoft and VMware by Broadcom that delivers fully managed VMware environment in Azure. Why is this good?

Why ivision?

We’re eager to help you navigate this industry shift. Reach out today to speak with a Microsoft expert and get started.