Strengthen Your Cloud Security Posture with Our Prescriptive Approach

With digital security threats on the rise, organizations need a cloud security strategy they can rely on. ivision utilizes a prescriptive approach to assess the current situation, identify existing gaps and create a strategy to actively mend them. We merge technology with business requirements and truly understand that security gaps must be addressed in a timely and appropriate manner. Our partnerships, like AWS and Azure, allow us to remain at the forefront of emerging technology and deliver the best solutions to your organization. 

“ivision’s team of professionals are trained to identify security gaps within the system and process segments of your business,” says Calen Bedford, Cloud Security Architect. “We help rationalize vulnerabilities in a way that supports building a true security roadmap of success for today’s ever-scaling technologies.”   

Our tailored approach focuses on four key areas to minimalize risks and enhance cloud environment’s security posture:  

  1. Infrastructure: ivision works with your organization to adopt an immutable infrastructure strategy, leveraging Infrastructure as Code and automated deployment pipelines. This reduces the risk of shadow IT and unknown infrastructure deploying within your environment. 
  2. Network: Despite being similar to on-premise networking, there are unique ways to manage cloud networking architecture. It’s important to understand what networking capabilities need to be available and cater to them specifically.  

  3. Applications: End-user experience remains top of mind when creating application security management. ivision utilizes industry-leading systems and tools to monitor application behavior across the globe and detect abnormalities to address. 

  4. Data: Managing multiple storage locations and staying ahead of redundancy efforts can create challenges for securing data in the cloud. ivision implements strong cloud governance policies and data loss protection controls to combat these challenges and secure your organization’s data.  

        ivision’s cloud capabilities extend beyond the ordinary, including necessary practices like Cloud Health Checks and Cloud Foundation solutions. Learn more about how ivision’s cloud security offerings can help you shift focus to your business needs and stay tuned for our cloud security blog series in the coming weeks!