Enhance Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

By ivision September 21, 2022

Microsoft Viva brings together communications, knowledge, learning, goals, and insights to help people and teams connect, across physical and digital workspaces.

It’s an employee experience and engagement platform that helps grow people’s potential, giving everyone access to the resources they need to become the best versions of themselves. 

With an increase in hybrid work, it is important to create a connected employee experience. Microsoft Viva focuses on improving employee productivity, wellbeing, expertise, and more.

Microsoft Viva is an easily customizable and extensible tool that creates an integrated employee experience bringing together communications, knowledge, learning, resource and insights. Not only is Viva easily customizable and extensible, but it is also accessible from anywhere you work and connects with tools that are already in your toolbox.

Take a look at Microsoft’s Discovery Guide to learn more and get started with Microsoft Viva.

Enhance Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

Here are some of our favorite ways to use Microsoft Viva to enhance your employee experience.

Viva Connections: Culture and Communications

Viva connections is designed to keep everyone in your organization engaged and informed. Use Viva connections to discover relevant news, conversations, and the resources you need to be successful.

Viva Insights: Productivity and Wellbeing

Viva insights provides tools to help you identify collaboration patterns that effect productivity, workforce effectiveness and employee engagement. Help your organization thrive with data-driven insights and recommendations for productivity and wellbeing.

Viva Topics: Knowledge and Expertise

Viva topics utilizes AI to organize content and expertise across your systems and teams. Address a primary business issue of sharing information with Viva topics.

Viva Learning: Skilling and Growth

Viva learning is a concentrated learning center in Microsoft Teams that allows users to integrate learning and building skills into their day. Discover, share, recommend and learn from content libraries with Viva learning.

Viva Goals

Viva goals is a goal-setting solution that allows users to align teams to strategic priorities. Drive results, connect employees to organizational goals, and stay aligned at scale with Viva goals.

Viva Sales

Viva Sales is an application used to boost sales team experience using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. These tools allow users to automatically capture, access, and register data in any CRM system. It helps to eliminate unnecessary context switching and manual data entry for a streamlined selling experience.

Partner Integrations

Microsoft Viva supports and manages partner integrations to give you access to industry-leading apps. Integrate existing solutions from industry leaders to extend the power of employee engagement. You can integrate Viva with your existing technology investments, along with the leading solutions from our partner community, including Coursera and Qualtrics. Through these integrations, you can seamlessly connect Viva modules to your organization’s technology so that they’re available to employees in their natural flow of work.

Overcome the Challenges of Hybrid/Remote Work

How is your organization dealing with the ever-present challenges of shifting to hybrid/remote work?

Recent findings show that many organizations continue to struggle with the shift across all fronts – technology, operations, and the workforce.

(From Microsoft)

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