The cybersecurity solutions of today may not be effective against tomorrow’s threats. iVision proactively monitors the changing security landscape and emerging threats as we continue to improve our low-effort, high-impact solutions. We craft security solutions that enable your business growth and workplace flexibility while reducing risk. Our engineering-backed solutions remove complexity, add protection and support innovation and growth.

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Governance & Compliance

Information security.

iVision believes that effective security posture begins at the policy layer, driving successful security actions through Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) and Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). Many organizations are subject to regulatory or other compliance needs that must be supported by implementing pragmatic and functional processes in the environment. iVision’s Governance & Compliance solution supports these needs by providing reviews of existing policy, net new policy creation and technical validation to meet your organization’s needs. This ensures relevant compliance is met and information security governance is approached efficiently.

IT Resiliency

Reliable data protection.

Protecting your business-critical operations starts with a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategy and the ability to narrow down who has access to your business-critical data. Achieve reliable data protection for your business-critical information and streamline the disaster recovery process for services and applications with iVision’s DRaaS and BaaS offerings and micro-segmentation. Micro-segmentation creates secure zones around data centers, cloud environments, applications or endpoints that allow your organization to isolate workloads and data from one another and secure them individually.

Managed Detection & Response

Visibility for your organization.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) sets tools and processes in place to allow for detailed visibility into technical risk in your organization’s environment, supported by response and remediation of the uncovered risks. iVision’s MDR platform will provide near end-to-end visibility for your organization, allowing assessment and evaluation of risk from endpoints, servers or services. It also includes incident validation, penetration testing, triage and will tie into your organization’s incident response plan.

Many managed services platforms who resell MDR do so by leveraging multiple disparate tools, which can cause heavy resource costs. With the goal of cutting costs and upholding transparency, iVision’s MDR platform is fully fleshed out and integrated, providing a single pane layer of visibility. We build it as a centralized location for a security practitioner to have access to all relevant information and controls needed to assess and reduce risk. Our toolset allows for quick and easy deployment and the flexibility to meet the specific needs of your organization.


Security monitoring, detection and response.

iVision SOC improves your IT operations and cybersecurity posture through security monitoring, detection and response. Our comprehensive log analysis, vulnerability assessments and incident response meet PCI compliance regulations. Building a SOC is complicated. Let iVision take out the guesswork. Support your interconnected, complex infrastructure and hybrid IT environment with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems. Grow your ongoing detection and response with SIEM log analysis and correlation, incident reporting, risk management, behavioral threat detection and analytics. iVision is committed to helping you deploy and return value from a SIEM.

Vulnerability Management

Reduce your risk landscape.

Security risks don’t stop at the end of the business day, and neither does our support. iVision’s vulnerability management offering consistently scans your organization’s environment for risks, then prioritizes and registers that risk for remediation, resolution or acceptance.

With unique partnerships, we leverage our engineers’ knowledge of the environment to make informative decisions on how to most adequately resolve risk beyond the simple steps of patching. We ensure that your organization’s risk landscape is reduced in ways that directly tie to your business needs.

Build user trust with compliance. We’ll help you manage the necessary third-party penetration testing, distill that information and report back.

Find, prioritize and reduce risk. With iVision, you get 24/7/365 seamless security monitoring for Azure, AWS and on-premise infrastructure. Our automated vulnerability scanning solutions offer a single view of your entire hybrid infrastructure, giving you more security in less time.

It’s important to maintain good health for your cyber infrastructure by implementing practices and precautions to keep sensitive data organized, secure and away from threat. At iVision, we take a layered approach to security by implementing tools like endpoint security and firewalls to create as much distance between threats and your data as possible. We serve as your one-stop shop, utilizing a holistic desktop to cloud solution along with expertise and 24/7 support. Additionally, we identify weaknesses and prescribe applications and software to improve security.

Protect your network from more than just the Internet of Things (IoT). iVision combines endpoint detection and protection all in one solution. Our EDR solutions will remediate automatically upon finding a threat – no matter what device it came from.

Patching easily manages your threats on an ongoing basis with the help of iVision expertise and resources. We offer patching for your applications as well as third-party application patching. We know it’s hard to staff 24/7/365 service internally. Sleep easily knowing that iVision is working around the clock.

Network access control isolates endpoints with tools to protect your organization from threats. We use hardware and software-driven micro-segmentation to categorize your data and grant access only to those who need it. We take a zero-trust approach, trusting nothing off the bat then giving access to individuals as necessary. This not only decreases the chance of risk statistically but gives your organization more control over your data.

Next-generation firewalls couple traditional firewall behavior (such as IPS/IDS, packet filtering and address translation) with deeper inspection capabilities, providing greater visibility and control to your organization than a typical firewall would.

Micro-segmentation creates secure zones around data centers, cloud environments, applications or endpoints that allow your organization to isolate workloads and data from one another and secure them individually.

Gain insights into user activities and increase visibility into identities with iVision’s identity and access management solutions. We’ll help you implement basic user credentials, password verifications, group policies and multi-factor authentications. Keep your IT team and users productive while we manage and automate time-consuming processes.

Secure your on-premise and cloud environments with user directory. Our directory services will confirm your users and control their access, limiting employees to the specific IT resources they need.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security system that requires more than one method of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify the user’s identity for a login or other transaction. There are three authentication factors: something you know, something you have, something you are.​

Cloud, Endpoint & Network Security

Your work is important to us. Trust iVision to keep your data secure, no matter where it is.

Cloud Security

Eliminate the noise.

Our team conducts security health checks and implements automated tools to gather and log all security events to elevate only the most important ones. By eliminating all the excess noise, we’re able to zero in on potential risks and provide them with the proper protection and toolsets. Just because your information is in the cloud doesn’t mean it’s automatically safe. Let us get it to safety and keep it that way.

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB)

Data loss prevention.

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) allow for the management of data policy across multiple disparate cloud providers. Your organization can leverage these tools to provide data loss prevention capabilities beyond the edge of your network, allowing for a single and consistent policy to be developed and managed against for cloud data services. These tools also enhance visibility, so your organization can detect and determine which cloud services are being leveraged to support bringing them under policy-layer control.

iVision takes advantage of Microsoft’s built-in security services, like Active Directory, to rapidly identify and resolve threats. This layered approach keeps your data under lock and key, even stored in the cloud.

iVision keeps your data safe by raising your security posture with AWS infrastructure and services. This flexible approach increases visibility, reduces risk and ultimately gives your organization the control to focus on your business while we take care of your data.

Endpoints aren’t just physical entities. Any point your network touches is considered an endpoint (even in the cloud) and needs to be protected as such. At iVision, we implement a complimentary stack of solutions that already work together and act as multiple layers of defense to protect your organization against malware or active threats.

Staffing a 24/7/365 internal security practice is both challenging and expensive.

If your company has struggled to find and retain qualified talent, you’re not alone.

iVision will help you implement effective security solutions organization-wide by process and policy. Let us direct our full-time attention to your security implementation so that you can focus on IT initiatives that drive the business.

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