Managed Security

Our managed security solutions are like having an air traffic control center for your security operations. Real-time threats are inevitable, so we step in to fill gaps with expertise and manpower while monitoring the impact of threats across businesses to provide customized protection.

Like boots on the ground.

Amidst rising cyber threats, you need more than basic defense. We spot threats in real time,  block attacks and shield your business from every angle. ivision has a comprehensive view  of your digital landscape, scanning and monitoring all the digital noise for signs of trouble. 

Managed Security Solutions

Managed Detection & Response

Gain real-time threat detection and effective incident response capabilities.

Managed Vulnerability for Risk Reduction

Proactively identify and remediate vulnerabilities in your systems.

Continuous Penetration Testing & CASM

Discover, understand, and monitor your network attack surface to reduce the time between vulnerability introduction and discovery.

Our Approach to Managed Security

Our managed security approach merges top-shelf tech, experienced analysts and aggressive response. We create a nerve center where experts gather to detect, investigate and mitigate potential security incidents, making sure your digital environment stays strong. Our service offerings—from 24/7 threat monitoring, incident detection and efficient escalation and triage to SIEM management, vulnerability scanning, file integrity monitoring and endpoint protection— provide businesses with the means to fortify their security stance and effectively mitigate potential risks.

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