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Genuine Parts Company Partners with ivision for Strategic IT Initiatives

Genuine Parts Company provides after-market industrial and automotive replacement parts across the globe. They employ 50,000 professionals in 10,000 locations across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, which requires a complex authentication system for their many different users. 

They teamed up with ivision for Stealth implementation and transformed their user authentication process. Our Managed Services team learned the intricacies of their business to determine who needed access, when they needed access and why they needed access to each application. By employing Stealth agents across the board, Genuine Parts Company matured their security posture and drastically decreased the number of network connects each day. 

“The biggest benefit of leveraging ivision as a partner is really their depth of understanding, skills and expertise, as well as their depth of understanding of our organization,” Damian Apone, Global Director of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Security Programs at Genuine Parts Company, said. “We’ve seen them step in time and time again to offer us assistance on projects across the globe in a variety of different areas.” 

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