Client Engagement Value Spotlight: Josh Walling

By Josh Walling January 22, 2019
Professionalism in the workplaces creates a strong legacy for the company.

ivision has a set of eight Client Engagement Values (CEVs). These are the core principles behind how we operate and how we service our clients. This blog series will highlight stories from our employees on how they interpret and embody these CEVs, whether in their career at ivision or in their personal lives.

I communicate, behave and present myself in a professional manner to create a strong legacy for ivision

Whether you’re an applicant searching for a job or a business looking for the right technology partner, one of the biggest factors that influence your decision is the level of professionalism that surrounds you.

While maintaining a level of professionalism with internal and external stakeholders can be challenging for any organization, when it’s built into the fiber of your culture, it becomes second nature. At ivision, it’s just that; it’s part of who we are. We hold ourselves to a level of professionalism and, ultimately, it influences the partners that we work with and the associates and employees that we hire.

Operating at a high level of professionalism is how we obtained our first life-long partner and client 15 years ago and it’s how we plan to earn more life-long customers across the country. Through our professional communications and behaviors, we are constantly aware of how our external stakeholders perceive our talented team.

Creating Opportunities Through Communication Excellence

To be a part of an organization like ivision, it’s crucial that our team members understand the value of communicating openly and sincerely while possessing a deep understanding of our audience, and we do this through both written and verbal mediums. From a recruiting standpoint, verbal communication is always preferred, allowing passion, curiosity, respect, and opportunity to more effectively flourish. Staying committed to communication excellence is a learned trait and practiced every day as we seek to deliver on our promises through our behaviors.

Solving Complex Problems Through Direct Action & Behavior

Our team members have their eyes on the future – on your future – as they behave in a proactive manner to help solve your most complex problems. An ivision team member’s every behavior is built upon a white-glove and customer-oriented foundation as they continue to deliver and act on those promises. ivision employees’ positive behaviors and actions never go unnoticed internally as peer-to-peer recognition is encouraged across all teams. In doing so, we’re able to reinforce how ivision team-members should ideally be perceived, both internally and externally. 

Professionally Representing a Globally-Reaching & Industry-Leading Brand

At ivision, we strive for excellence in all that we seek to accomplish. The way we present and represent ourselves as ivision team members is just as important as how we communicate and behave. And we make sure that we’re meeting expectations by asking our valued partners to evaluate us through surveys and personal conversations. Collecting and analyzing empirical data of how we’re perceived externally allows us unique insights we can then use to improve our communications and behaviors. We are not only representing ourselves as individuals but as a collective of technologists that seek to push the boundaries of what technology can achieve through innovative professionalism and a white-glove approach.

Representing an innovative brand known for premier services and customized solutions is not the responsibility of one team member. Rather, our entire organization is responsible for representing ivision internally and externally as we strive to create a strong legacy for the future of ivision.

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