As new technology continuously emerges, your digital workspace is at the core of your organization’s success. Take the time and care to ensure that it’s as efficient, stable and secure as possible.

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Endpoint Management

With almost two decades of experience, iVision provides a strong history of managing clients’ remote workers and endpoint devices.

We believe in white-glove service and designing holistic solutions that save our customers money and reduce their security risks. As a Microsoft partner, we have deep knowledge in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly Systems Center Configuration Manager, or SCCM). Microsoft Endpoint Manager has every capability needed to securely enable productivity for any user, on any supported device, anywhere in the world. The latest advancements in Microsoft Endpoint Manager enable the following capabilities:

  • The ability to deploy software, manage settings and patch remote worker devices, regardless of physical location, without any dependencies on on-premise infrastructure or corporate network connectivity.
  • Big data powered analytics via Endpoint Analytics to let your IT department proactively address problems that could interrupt your remote workers before they arise.
  • A cloud-based next-generation firewall that comes with Microsoft Endpoint Manager – we will guide you through the process of using this to reinforce, not replace, existing security solutions, or evaluate if Microsoft Defender for Endpoint can serve as your primary antivirus solution. With a cloud-based antivirus in place, you can lower your on-premise infrastructure dependency and improve your ability to secure remote workers. 

For clients with needs that Microsoft doesn’t suit best, we also provide extensive experience in alternate technologies.

Even from the safety of your own desk, your data is accessible all over the network. Allow us to manage your desktop as an endpoint to keep everything contained.

If you’re on the go, sometimes your work comes with you. Get access to your data from anywhere, and we’ll make sure it stays safe in your pocket.

Where you work shouldn’t compromise how you work. Be productive wherever life takes you by letting iVision keep your data safe, even on your laptop.

Remote Worker

Remote work can be challenging, but iVision is here to help.

By assisting with IT strategy roadmaps, iVision can help your business adopt new ways to manage remote workers, architect and deliver technical solutions. We also offer award-winning end-to-end managed services solutions to secure remote worker devices.

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VDI provides a hosted desktop environment (most often a Windows Desktop or streamed application) to your workstation, tablet or phone.

It effectively runs the application or desktop in a central location to control data and performance, then provides remote access to it. You may not even be aware that the application or desktop is not running locally, giving your organization the power to focus on business.

Business Applications

Many businesses carry an unnecessarily complex portfolio of applications.

iVision will analyze how, and how often, your software is used and guide you through consolidating and supplementing it. If you need to expand your portfolio, we offer customized development of software applications, as well as deep, agile expertise and objective advice to narrow your options down to the best choices. Whether your solution is hosted (private or public cloud), SaaS or hybrid architecture, iVision partners with you to form a comprehensive technical strategy for you.

We don’t serve as a consultant who comes in, fixes a problem then abandons ship. Instead, we integrate into your organization as an extension of your team, working together every step of the way. We start with an assessment to identify your needs, then work tirelessly to execute the perfect combination of tools and techniques to get your organization where it needs to go.

Custom Development

Solutions tailored to your needs.

We know no two businesses have the same needs. iVision tailors solutions specifically to your organization’s business goals to develop software that will help you achieve them. Our experts provide customized management, re-platforming, monitoring and operational support to ensure a performant, cost-efficient and secure platform so you can focus on the business without worrying about the technology.


Solutions that make sense.

iVision’s team is equipped with subject matter experts to get your business where it needs to go. To create solutions that make sense for everyone, each member of the iVision team is heavily certified, and takes the time to learn your business as well as they know the industry.


Monitor user activity.

Our team is highly trained in making decisions that not only benefit your technology, but your business. That’s why we employ Microsoft eDiscovery, giving you the capability to monitor and control user activity within your organization.

We know that your business growth shouldn’t come at the expense of security.

iVision’s cloud solutions go through rigorous testing and have a comprehensive security infrastructure.

Our hybrid cloud services give your business the flexibility of a public cloud and the protection of a private environment for your most sensitive data. If you want to increase simplification, reduce costs and gain protection – it’s time to harness the power of the cloud.

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