IT Mobility for Business Growth


Frazier & Deeter is a CPA and advisory firm based in Atlanta. Seth McDaniel, managing partner, stepped into his role 10 years ago and realized that what they had once thought to be cutting-edge technology was no longer as competitive as they desired. At a time where the company was looking to drive momentum behind their national expansion, it was crucial that they had a system that was always available and allowed their professionals to work anywhere, anytime.

“Our firm for a long time considered itself on the cutting edge of technology, but when I took over as managing partner 10 years ago we had an external group come in and do a study. The results of that study showed that we were cutting edge probably 20… Click To Tweet


After interviewing several options, Frazier & Deeter selected iVision based on their expertise, IT resiliency and data solutions. The iVision team set up their VDI system, expanded their mobile capabilities and was able to monitor everything closely along the way. iVision was instrumental in helping McDaniel’s team design the new system, which was created to both be more mobile and to integrate acquisitions more quickly. As a result, Frazier & Deeter could grow both rapidly and securely, with an environment that was able to recover quickly in the event of a disaster.

“iVision took the time to understand our business, not just on what we thought we needed but also consult with us on what they thought we needed as well.” – Seth McDaniel, Managing Partner, Frazier & Deeter Click To Tweet


Through their collaboration with iVision, Frazier & Deeter could incorporate new firms overnight as opposed to the days or weeks that the old environment required. McDaniel says, “iVision took the time to understand our business — not just on what we thought we needed, but also consulted with us on what they thought we needed as well.” McDaniel found that the strong relationship his team established with iVision far surpassed what they had previously developed with other companies.

Additionally, the new environment drastically improved productivity and saved time for Frazier & Deeter. “Our partnership with iVision has allowed our IT department to focus on higher-level tasks,” McDaniel says. “We’ve been able to be up 99.99% of the time.” They no longer require in-house subject matter experts on complicated systems. Instead, they can leverage iVision’s expertise for complex IT systems and focus their in-house experts on initiatives that advance their business goals. With their iVision partnership and new system creating a seamless mobile work environment, Frazier & Deeter never needs to wonder again if their technology is cutting-edge.

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