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Workload Modernization Self Evaluation Checklist 

Assess which modernization pathway is right for your workloads.

1. Are you open to considering different virtualization solutions to enhance your current system? 
Consider both your immediate and future application workload requirements and assess how various choices fit within a spectrum of hybrid architectures. 

2. Are there workloads that need to remain on-premises for your operations? 
Consider diversifying and enhancing your data center environment with a hybrid solution.  

3. Is part of your infrastructure strategy to transition more workloads to the cloud? 
Now is an ideal time to evaluate which workloads are cloud-ready. Ensure your chosen migration solution can seamlessly transfer from on-premises VMware without the need for refactoring. 

4. Is incorporating more container-based applications into your architecture strategy part of your plan? 
If you’re revising your VMware stack and considering integrating container-based applications, now is the optimal time to select a few workloads for refactoring and transition to a hybrid VM/container solution. 

5. Would you be open to exploring other hypervisors as alternatives?   
Full-stack options such as Nutanix (AVH+HCI) and Azure Stack HCI as alternatives may represent an opportunity for substantial cost savings and can streamline operations. 

6. Is prioritizing innovation over risk a significant aspect of your organization’s culture? 
Organizations that value innovation and can handle potential disruption risks may consider moving towards modern virtualization to support advanced technologies.