Wholesale Beverage Distributor RNDC Finds One Team Approach at IT Partner

“ivision brings highly qualified people who have been there, done that; have industry experience or technology experience that we’re looking for; and help us solve the problem we need to.”

Darrell Riekena CIORNDC


Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) is a privately held, $11 billion wholesale beverage distributor of premium wine and spirits. They operate in 33 states and have 13,000 employees throughout the United States. Darrell Riekena became CIO at RNDC in 2016. In the few years since, the company has experienced several mergers and acquisitions, including a recent joint venture partnership with Young’s Market Company.


Mergers and acquisitions bring extensive IT integration work, something that ivision has assisted RNDC with throughout the process. Riekena and his team have also initiated some new ventures around their digital platform with AWS and other cloud technologies. By leveraging their trusted partnership with ivision, RNDC knows that they are on the right path and can continue to grow and be successful.

While ivision partners with RNDC on internal initiatives that have been committed to and contracted for, they also act as a mentor for future opportunities. In addition, they provide guidance on initiatives outside of the scope of the current business agreements. 


RNDC appreciates the dedication from ivision and the quality of their working relationships. The ‘one team’ approach blurs the distinctions between consultants and their own internal employees. “ivision has been great,” says Riekena. “They have made the commitment to get in and work side-by-side with the team of people we have here, understand where it is that we’re trying to go, and help us put a roadmap that we can execute in order to get there.” For Riekena, ivision offers a trusted partnership that he and his IT team can rely on now and in the future.

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