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Redefining Cybersecurity with Carve Systems

When it comes down to it, today’s cybersecurity crisis is the result of two truths:  

  1. Hackers’ primary objective is hacking others 
  2. Most businesses’ primary objective is not defending themselves 

With this power imbalance, many organizations are left vulnerable to ransomware and data breaches. The first step in protection is understanding your attack surface, which refers to anything an attacker can see, touch and, ultimately, attack. Some organizations may not even realize which of their people, applications and infrastructure are accessible, putting them at a huge disadvantage. 

“Just because you’re spending on cybersecurity and you appear to have the right tools and solutions in place, the devil is always in the details,” says Mike Zusman, VP of Cybersecurity Strategy at ivision.  

Take Capital One, for instance. They invested heavily in digital initiatives to strengthen their security posture, but they still experienced a data breach from a misconfigured firewall. These kinds of mishaps happen all too often, and it’s time to reclaim your environment.  

Businesses need a partner they can trust to construct and implement a security strategy that best aligns with their business needs. ivision has acquired and merged with Carve Systems to help clients identify their attack surfaces and raise awareness about social engineering attacks. They take a business-focused and threat modeling approach with white-glove service to keep businesses up to speed with the latest threats. 

 “In the past, we’ve had to work with multiple partners to conduct penetration testing, things like red teaming and security strategy engagements,” says Eric Aslaksen, CTO at ivision. “Now, we have a trusted partner that’s part of the ivision family where we can bring solutions to market together to better serve our clients.” 

Getting started is simple. Let’s talk through your business needs and security priorities to take the next step in your cybersecurity journey. Existing clients can speak directly with your ivision account executive, and new customers wanting to learn more can reach us at