Protecting Client Data In The Face Of Natural Disaster


When natural disasters strike, many CTOs and CIOs find themselves putting their clients’ data before their own personal safety. For Shawn Hill, CTO of HunterMaclean in Savannah, Hurricane Matthew was a prime example of just that. When the hurricane approached, Hill boarded up his home, made sure his family was safe, then headed back into work for several more hours before finally being able to evacuate. 


After a few declarations that didn’t go as planned, HunterMaclean realized they needed a partner to streamline the disaster recovery and backup process to protect their business and their clients. ivision’s track record within the ILTA community made them uniquely qualified to work with HunterMaclean’s environment. The solution architects at ivision designed a disaster recovery plan for HunterMaclean that fit their needs based on their experience with other top legal clients. 


Nearing the end of hurricane season, HunterMaclean has remained relatively unscathed. However, wanting to ensure they would be prepared should something occur, they issued a full-scale declaration. The exercise was such a success that HunterMaclean associates didn’t even know it took place. Hill was home with his wife mere hours after the declaration, much to her surprise. Hill is certain that, in the event of a real disaster, his business would be protected and he would be free to focus on his safety and that of his family.

[bctt tweet=”HunterMaclean has the confidence now in our disaster recovery plan. We know it’s going to work. We know it’s going to meet our needs as far as performance and durability is concerned.” – Shawn Hill, CTO, Hunter Maclean” username=”ivisionATL”]