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ivision Scaling Microsoft Cloud & Cybersecurity with Plus+ Consulting

When ivision acquired Plus+ Consulting earlier this month, it was the culmination of months of conversations and collaboration. In addition to the extensive experience around Microsoft Azure, M365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Compliance security services that Plus+ would add to our portfolio, ivision would also offer Plus+ clients an immediate array of managed services.  

David Degitz, CEO of ivision, shares three reasons that really stood out and led to our partnership: 

  1. Technical expertise and capabilities 
  2. Our people & culture alignment 
  3. Strong foothold & presence in the Northeast 

Both companies place a strong emphasis on keeping people at the heart of the business and never straying away from our founding values. This shared approach was a huge contributor to our decision to join forces. 

“Throughout the discussions, it really is apparent that our cultures are extremely similar as well,” said Mark Husnick, former CEO of Plus+ Consulting. “The people value, the employee engagement, how we operate – extremely complementary between our two companies that will lead to a much faster integration and drive even more synergies and offerings to our customers.” 

Looking to enhance your Microsoft Cloud environment or strengthen your cybersecurity posture? Our teams will work together to design, implement and optimize personalized solutions to get your business where it wants to go.