IT Service Management at ivision

Even as the world grinds to a halt, IT continues to move businesses forward. Everyone at ivision is working from home right now to make sure that our clients’ businesses run smoothly and securely. Though our work environment has changed, our processes and customer service for service management remain the same.

We offer a full-service IT partnership for our customers. Whether you need proactive monitoring, real-time incident review, or vendor escalation – our team is here 24/7/365. You can sleep easy at night knowing that our experts are awake and taking care of your systems no matter your time zone.

Service Management: the people who make IT happen

Our managed services and global support team are customer-centric and based in our Atlanta office. When you work with us, you get a team of highly trained individuals passionate about knowing and serving your business:

  • Service Delivery Managers take the initial set of outstanding tasks and provide the necessary steps and items that come from that to ensure everything is executed smoothly.
  • Lifecycle Managers catalog and track information and provide you with 30, 60, and 90-day notification in advance of any maintenance contract and license expiration.
  • Problem Managers catch any little alerts and resolve them before they have a chance to become a bigger problem.
  • Analysts & Engineers work in shifts to resolve or escalate incidents through ServiceNow and make sure there is 24/7/365 coverage on your systems.
  • DevOps Engineers improve operational efficiency and consistency via automation and integration with your applications and infrastructure.
  • Cloud Architects keep your infrastructure and applications continuously secure and up to date by helping to build scalable environment, all while keeping costs under control.
  • Security Architects ensure your distributed workforce and systems are secure anytime, anywhere.

Whether your employees are working from home or on your company’s network, our team strives to ensure that your data, network and collaboration systems meet the needs of your business. While each person on our Managed Services team has specific responsibilities, we look at the big picture of your environment so that you have what you need now and for the future.

“Here we understand the impact of the user base and the IT team that has to support that user base,” says Patrick Rehkopf, DevOps Engineer. “We all work together with that caring touch, rather than just trying to get tickets closed out for metrics purposes.”  

Large enough to serve you, small enough to know you

We have the engineering capabilities to take care of all your IT requirements, but are small enough to personally know each organization we work with. We have a strong set of core values at ivision that align with what our business is, and we practice them with our clients and each other. 

Our engineers are passionate about their work and are empowered to pursue additional certifications and education. “Since I’ve started here, I’ve been so motivated and encouraged by the people I work with to grow,” says Quiana Williams, Analyst II at ivision. “Everyone I work with is pushing me and increasing my drive.”

We provide our employees with opportunities for personal development so that they can grow with us as individuals and better support our clients. That is what makes us unique as a service provider: we have a personal touch with our employees and our customers.

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