How Kindness Prevailed in 2020

This year, we were faced with unimaginable challenges. Our sense of routine was completely lost, and we had to shift our work lives into our homes.  

After watching everything going on in the world, we longed for a way to help. This led to the creation of ivision’s Acts of Kindness Challenge. This challenge created an internal communications platform where we shared all the ways we’ve been giving back to our communities. Not only does this allow us to keep in touch, but it creates a cycle of inspiration for different ways we can all contribute.  

These acts of kindness took form in a variety of ways, whether it was helping neighbors with yard work, providing meals for first responders or donating to local food drives. No matter how simple the act seemed, we were able to expand its impact by sharing it with each other. Almost every act of kindness was accompanied by resources for others to join in on the movement, and people often did. 

We were even able to couple these acts of kindness our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council’s initiatives by working with local organizations, like Inspiredu and the Atlanta Community Food Bank, to provide for children and families around several holidays. By the end of the year, we have logged over 2,000 hours of service as a company. 

ivision’s commitment to giving back to our community is deeply integrated into our culture and was set in stone when we joined the Pledge 1% movement in 2018. Approaching a seemingly impossible year with kindness allowed us to make a difference, and we look forward to continuing this trend in 2021.