How Bringing in an MSP Can Help Keep Out Ransomware

On July 2nd, Kaseya VSA faced a 12-hour cyberattack that deployed ransomware to 30 MSPs and over 1,000 clients. It can be difficult for businesses to know where to go from here in order to keep themselves out of cyberattack headlines. Luckily, managed service providers, or MSPs, are equipped with the tools and expertise to help. 

“Most organizations aren’t in the business of delivering cybersecurity services and, as such, it can be difficult to maintain, retain and obtain specifically high-quality security talent,” says Thomas Jefferies, Head of IT Security. “Due to this, it’s really important that organizations still close this gap by leveraging shared service models and by hiring organizations that can retain the kind of talent that do this all day every day as a living.” 

ivision can evaluate your environment and help implement these best practices to strengthen your security posture: 

  1. Ensure endpoints are running current software 
  2. Restrict end users access rights 
  3. Implement endpoint detection & response 
  4. Ensure service accounts are properly scoped and permissioned 
  5. Deeply monitor the use of service accounts and what they are/aren’t doing 

ivision has over 15 years of experience in this arena and is eager to help by assessing the server, service and authentication hardening of your environment. Learn more about our expertise by checking out our blogs on Immediate and Effective Incident Response and Securing Your Backup Environment