Create Secure and Cost-Effective Collaboration with Microsoft

As remote work becomes increasingly necessary, a reliable infrastructure is more critical than ever. With over 100 years of combined Microsoft experience, ivision’s team of experts can help your organization develop an infrastructure that is not only reliable, but secure and cost-effective, using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. 

At ivision, we use a methodical approach for integrating solutions for our customers,” says Nelson Puello, Principal Consultant. “We’re able to provide very prescriptive advice to our customers, helping them understand how their business requirements can translate into design decisions.” 

The team helps clients understand their Microsoft capabilities and assess whether they need to buy more or layer in third party solutions. This develops the most efficient infrastructure possible while eliminating any unnecessary IT spend  

How does this help your organization’s daily operations? 

ivision helps your organization gather data and sticks around to help you make sense of it all. This method integrates technology and a user-adoption plan to craft communications and policies that give your organization the right resources to achieve your business goals. 

“Employees today are consistently faced with multiple tasks, requests and demands,” says Nathan Sims, IT Service Delivery Manager. “ivision can help you implement a solid IT Workflow with the Microsoft 365 suite of products, providing value by connecting, integrating and automating workflow systems to enhance your business processes.” 

Every organization has unique needs to create unique success stories. Let ivision help write yours by leveraging our Microsoft offerings.

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