Constangy Maintains Secure, Resilient IT Environment by Leveraging ivision Managed Services

Southerland partnered with ivision because of the technical expertise and high quality of service.

“My direction was to take the firm more in a managed services provider direction… even though it’s external I still look at ivision as a company that is down the hall.”

Scott Southerland Director of ITConstangy


For any business, it’s a struggle to balance complex IT security requirements and 24×7 systems coverage. When Scott Southerland became Director of IT at national labor and employment law firm Constangy, he made it a priority to move toward utilizing a managed services provider.


Southerland partnered with ivision because of the technical expertise and high quality of service. Together they implemented a disaster recovery business continuity solution at Constangy and are able to mirror their data center at another location, giving the firm an insurance policy in the event of an incident. 

Southerland worked with ivision to implement a Security as a Service (SOCaaS) to monitor all of their systems on a continuous basis. With this service, Constangy knows that any security incidents will be discovered, reported and taken care of within minutes.   

[bctt tweet=”“ivision is intelligent customer service. It’s full of intelligent people who know their line of work, they’re experts at it and they offer good customer service.” – Scott Southerland, Director of IT, Constangy” via=”no”]


Now, Constangy can cover nearly everything in-house with a focused internal staff while still being able to leverage ivision’s external expertise. Not only are their total IT costs down, but they have an increased reliability of their systems and increased security through a SOCaaS because of ivision’s 24×7 monitoring. 

Currently, Constangy is working with ivision to redesign their network and implement an SD-WAN solution. The SD-WAN technology will lower their costs even further while still ensuring that their network is rapid and robust for all of Constangy’s offices across the country. Says Southerland, “We will be able to reduce our IT budget in those areas and spend it in other areas of security and user experience improvements.” 

With ivision taking care of everything from virtualization to storage to networking to disaster recovery, Southerland’s IT department doesn’t have to worry about the day-to-day management of their systems. Instead, they are able to focus on providing better support and services for their customers – attorneys.

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