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How We Celebrate Giving Tuesday Year-Round

Service remains one of our driving forces here at ivision, and over the years, we’ve worked to incorporate it into our culture as much as possible. 

Back in 2018, we joined Pledge 1%, a network of organizations who devote 1% of their work hours to volunteering and donate 1% of their profits to philanthropies. Since taking this pledge, we’ve logged over 9,000 hours of service and have several more opportunities planned before the end of this year. 

In 2020, to readjust with the pandemic, we started the Acts of Kindness Challenge, an internal initiative that allowed team members to share their individual contributions to their community. These acts of kindness ranged from helping neighbors with yardwork to providing meals to frontline workers, and everything in between. This served as an incredible opportunity to not only support each other’s endeavors from home but inspire peers to do the same. 

Since then, we’ve been thrilled to make the return to in-person volunteering events (safely, of course). In October, our team had the opportunity to help with Grady Health System – Food as Medicine during Hands on Atlanta Week. 

“One of the most rewarding parts is when the events are over and you see the impact and results that the team did for the community – it gives me the chills every time,” says Kaedy Martin, HR Manager at ivision. “Together, I know ivision employees will make a difference across the US.” 

As we enter our fifth year with Pledge 1% and the third year of our Acts of Kindness Challenge, we continue looking for innovative ways to serve our communities and create positive change.  

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