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Pulse Special Edition: Hands On Atlanta Day

The Season of Giving Back:

With Thanksgiving behind us and more family celebrations ahead, we wanted to focus on the many ways ivision celebrates giving back. In fact, we do more than celebrate it, we weave it into the fiber of our company. When we took the 1% pledge, we committed to giving back 1% of our time and profits each year. So far, we have over 1,500 volunteer hours under our belt and we’re well on our way to reach our goal. This Special Edition of Pulse gives a glimpse into what ivision is doing as we partner with organizations in the Atlanta area. 

Hands On Atlanta Day:

To see the real impact of organizations in Atlanta, we jumped at the opportunity to ride along with Jay Cranman, President & CEO of Hands On Atlanta, for their annual day of service. We visited a few of the event sites of the day, including:

Hands On Atlanta was founded by 12 friends 30 years ago who wanted to volunteer but had a hard time finding opportunities to do so. They joined together to create what has now become one of the largest volunteer organizations in the country. 

This year, they will mobilize over 20,000 people to do service on about 3,000 different service projects. 

We’re so grateful to have had the chance to learn more about Hands On Atlanta and for ivision employees to participate in such a great day of giving. Join the movement and find out how you can get involved!