Time Saver or Time Drainer: Are Your Meetings Helping Your Team Succeed?

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This video beautifully displays some of the mishaps that can occur when most meetings are left unorganized. Unproductive meetings can leave participants feeling dazed and confused or worse off compared to when they initially entered the meeting. Meetings can be a pain or gain to your team’s effectiveness and as a company we are piloting different ways to redefine meeting standards, to ensure we are enabling the most productive use of our time. Below are some tips and questions that should be considered when planning a meeting. What are some of the tools, policies and procedures your team or organization utilizes when it comes to having more effective meetings?

Suggested Tips and Questions:
  1. Ask yourself, is a meeting necessary?
  2. Is your meeting objective clear?
  3. Is the invite list limited to key participants?
  4. Create an agenda, include in it in the meeting invite and stick to it while leading the meeting.
  5. Be mindful of your attendees time by starting and ending the meeting on time.
  6. Send out meeting notes with clear action items, owners, and follow updates.

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