5 Ways AI Can Enhance Your Work Experience

By Devin Nori April 11, 2024

We often hear about all the ways that AI will transform the future of work, but what about all the ways it’s transforming the way we work right now? Many businesses have already begun diving into AI in one way or another, and their teams are making the most of what these technologies have to offer. 

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How Do You AI?


Our partners at Microsoft launched Copilot with the mission of making workdays easier. This tool has not only automated a lot of the mundane tasks that flood our to-do lists, but it continues to evolve how we approach the complex parts of our roles as well.  Here are some of the ways we’re people make the most of AI: 

1. More Responding, Less Recording

Gone are the days of hastily scribbling notes during meetings or asking colleagues to repeat themselves. Copilot’s transcription feature documents everything said during your conversations, allowing you to focus on listening to understand, respond, and create solutions. This peace of mind empowers you to engage more as a contributor in your meetings and collaborate more confidently. 

2. Integration Across Tools

Most of our computers have dozens of windows, tabs, and applications open at all times. Copilot serves as a bridge between your tools, integrating with Teams, Outlook, Microsoft 365, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. This helps turn conversation points into action items that can be collaborated on, tracked, and reported upon all in one workstream.

3. Security Remains Top of Mind

One common concern surrounding AI is security. By granting Copilot access to the resources necessary to gain this much insight on your environment, could there be any heightened risk? Microsoft launched restricted SharePoint search to help teams get started with Copilot for Microsoft 365. This feature ensures that Copilot only sees what you authorize Copilot to see, and the rest of your data remains under lock and key.  

4. Time Back to Innovate

When you’re constantly boggled down by mundane tasks, you have little time to innovate. Through automation and streamlining, AI helps alleviate time in your workday for brainstorming, thorough collaboration, and focus work to get ahead on the goals that will help you take your role to the next level. 

5. Opportunities to Develop Soft Skills

Every role has a defined list of skills required, whether they’re technical, analytical, or creative. With AI supplementing some of these skills, we’re able to focus on the commonality that can propel you in any industry – people skills. Soft skills, like communication, leadership, and teamwork, serve as the backbone of any successful business, and leveraging AI for support in the technical aspect of a job helps bring light to the importance of the people aspect.  

ivision’s partnership with Microsoft continues to take our client experience to new heights, whether it’s through familiar technologies, like Azure and Power Platform, or emerging tools like Copilot.  

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