Mastering the Azure AI Text to Speech Avatar Feature

By Nick Marus March 11, 2024

AI (artificial intelligence) has gifted us the opportunity to transform the way we work. Microsoft remains at the forefront of this new era of AI, and, as a Microsoft Managed Partner, ivision remains at the forefront of helping our clients master it.

ivision’s commitment to responsible AI has led this experience from the get-go, prioritizing security by helping clients develop a strong data governance strategy with our Copilot Readiness offering. Now, we have helped get our clients to an exciting place: the start of integrating AI into their daily work routine.

AI has been widely used to boost internal efficiencies, like notetaking, meeting transcription, etc. The newest Azure AI feature enables businesses to generate avatars to present scripts for them, whether it is for a team training, a website chatbot, a client presentation, or a marketing campaign. This new feature gives you the power to turn written word into spoken word without having to turn on your microphone or camera. You simply choose an avatar, a language, provide the text, and receive a realistic, high-resolution video.

Here is a quick glimpse of this technology, featuring an avatar giving a brief introduction about ivision using the tool’s default settings:

Azure AI Text to Speech Avatar encompasses a variety of features, including:

This feature is currently in public preview and continuing to expand to more widespread use. Currently, this feature is only available in the following Azure geographies:

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