Sales Spotlight: Todd Rogers

By Devin Nori December 8, 2022
Favorite ivision Client Engagement Value: I am responsive to the obvious and not so obvious needs of our clients.
Todd’s Career Journey:

My first job in Atlanta was at Cbeyond, selling T1’s to small businesses all around the area. I had to go door to door 40 to 50 times a day, which taught me how to handle rejection, persistence and truly gave me a thick skin going forward in my sales career. After spending 2.5 years at Cbeyond, I went to work for a small VAR focused on traditional route/switch and unified communications. After about a year, I got referred to Softchoice in 2007, where I spent the next three years working with organizations that had anywhere from 100 to 1000 users focused on Microsoft Enterprise Agreement management and other volume licensing vendors. During my time at Softchoice, I partnered with Intellinet and other consulting firms in Atlanta, and I got to know ivision when I worked with King & Spalding and managed their MSFT Enterprise Agreement.

In 2010, I joined SHI, who had just started to build out their mid-market segment after years of success, predominantly in the large enterprise space. I managed organizations that had anywhere from 250 users to over 10k users and for the first few years, only focused on Microsoft Enterprise Agreement management and other volume licensing agreements from various vendors. We put a major focus on data center, security and cloud solutions about six years after I joined the organization. I got out of my comfort zone of licensing management and began to enjoy solving my client’s business challenges utilizing IT solutions, not just software licensing management.

In April of 2021, I joined ivision after years of both competing and partnering (Thanks, Wes!) in the past. I immediately saw the incredible culture I had always heard about from mutual clients we both worked with. I had so many partners and clients tell me about the culture, the people and the level of talent, and I knew after only a few weeks, they were all right.

Favorite Part of the Job

The best part is getting to interact with great people on a daily basis, whether they’re internal or a client. So many of my long-term relationships started with a cold call and solving a simple problem for them. Now, they have matured into true friendships. Our clients have the choice to work with whomever they want, and in Atlanta, there is no shortage of quality IT Consulting and Solutions Providers. I enjoy working with clients who value the level of service we can bring professionally, as well as personally. They welcome our ability to solve highly complex projects, where we build a level of trust to the point that I am no longer viewed as a vendor or sales rep, but truly a trusted advisor.

Favorite ivision/Client Event

After hearing about the ivision CIO Summit from various C-Level executives over the years prior to me joining the team, I was very excited and curious to see what it was all about myself. I was blown away by the level of attendees that took time to join us for a couple of days, and it all made sense once I got to see the format in which it was ran, the level and attention to detail our team provides and the collaboration our clients got to enjoy with their peers.

Fun Fact

I have a massive collection of ticket stubs dating back to the mid-90’s. It ranges from movie ticket stubs, sporting event tickets, boarding passes to tickets for my kids’ various events like basketball games, dance recitals and orchestra concerts. I’d estimate that I have around 500 or so in total.