How to Navigate the Hiring Process in 2022

In today’s world of recruitment, things move at a fast pace. One of the most difficult parts of the hiring process, for both candidates and employers, is misalignment around speed and efficiency of the interview process. What are the important things to consider when structuring a hiring process? As a candidate how can you best position yourself to work with a hiring process?


Efficiency is a key. In today’s climate, everything seems to move at hyper speed, and getting job offers can be no exception. With many candidates on the market are doing multiple interviews and receiving multiple offers, companies don’t want to get left behind. Some companies like to introduce candidates to every single person on the team, or insist on keeping them on interviews for hours and hours. This often rubs candidates the wrong way and will lead them to take their talents elsewhere. Keeping your key stake holders are involved early and often is crucial. That way, they can expedite the interview process and get a decision made more efficiently. This will allow you to potentially beat others to the market, and also make sure the candidate understands they’re highly valued by the team. 


Transparent communication/timing can’t be understated. As a candidate, are you in the later stages of an interview process, but also interested interviewing for another role you just found?  That’s great! You should explore your options. However, it is important to be upfront with your potential employers, which will work to your advantage. If you’re more interested in the newer opportunity, let them know your current status. This lets them know they need to move quickly if they wish to gain your talents. Open and honest communication is always best.

Goal Alignment

It’s important to remember that both parties have the same goal in mind. Both want to find their right fit. For companies out there, having an efficient process that allows your key people to meet the candidates will leave you better positioned to not miss out on candidates by “dragging your feet”. If you’re interested in them, you can guarantee someone else is too. For candidates, make sure you keep your contact informed. It just might play to your advantage in getting an offer quicker with your future employer of choice. 

At iVision, we’re committed to making the hiring process a positive experience from both ends, and we’re hiring! Check out our current open positions and reach out if any pique your interest.  

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