IT Focus Areas for the New Normal

By David Degitz July 6, 2020
new normal

Over the last few months, ivision has heard firsthand from our community of CIOs and IT leadership about their priorities for the new normal. This group of 100+ IT executives – who work across multiple regions in the United States and abroad – have openly shared their best practices for this moment and the future. You can read more about how our clients have provided tremendous business value during the pandemic on our previous blog, CIOs Executing on the New Normal.

Because of the insights shared within the IT leadership community, ivision decided to focus our existing service offerings. Stephen McElduff, Senior Director of Strategic Accounts, and Spencer Cagle, Senior Director of Sales, led the initiative to better position our offerings with what businesses need for the new normal. Interestingly, we continue to hear more from our IT leadership community about a new way to do business not just for the next 3-6 months, but for 2021 and the foreseeable future. Four key areas emerged: IT Cost Optimization, Remote Worker, Digital Transformation, and Security.

focus areas for new normal

We aligned our existing offerings with those four areas because of the continued feedback we have been hearing about how business leaders are thinking about IT solutions. We rolled out the visual above with the four key solution categories in May, and given the feedback we have heard, it’s clear that Stephen and Spencer listened well to our clients.

The Value of Managed Services

Those four areas require additional focus and IT is already being relied on now more than ever. IT teams are working more hours than ever during the pandemic and need an additional layer of help to prevent turnover and burnout. Lee Crump, CIO at Rollins, talks about leveraging ivision managed services in our recent webinar and investing in SD-WAN and other IT initiatives during the pandemic.

Businesses know they cannot operate without technology and even companies that may have thought of IT as a cost-center six months ago are no longer thinking that. However, teams that are looking to drive initiatives forward will need additional support, and a managed services provider can help in two major areas.

Managing daily operations: A trusted MSP can ensure that the day-to-day operations are resilient and optimized to support the business. Without a trusted partner, internal IT teams may become overburdened by non-strategic tasks. Benevis CIO Will Alexander and IT Director Keith Luken shared their story about Digital Transformation – as well as the importance of a managed services provider in our recent webinar. To drive Digital Transformation forward, organizations need to be able to focus their employees on their business.

Providing cost savings: Businesses have seen increased productivity and the expectations for IT are even higher. Companies are expecting IT to do more with less. The pace has picked up and businesses are getting more value out of technology – structured properly, a managed services provider can easily pay for itself.

We have seen firsthand the growing trend toward managed services here at ivision. Our managed services business has grown 30% each of the previous two years. Since 2008, ivision has made large investments in managed services in tools, process, and people – and have fantastic leadership in Eric Aslaksen, Shane Sheppard, and Mary Kinney. Our managed services pipeline has increased dramatically because of the industry interest in managed services and clients who vouch for the trusted partnership they receive with us. We have been able to absorb the growth with almost no stress to the team and company.

Managed Services at ivision

Serving businesses through IT transformation is fundamental to who we are at ivision. Our focused offerings – IT Cost Optimization, Remote Worker, Digital Transformation, and Security – are very targeted to support businesses during the pandemic and coming out of it. Please reach out if there are any ways that we can aid your organization as you rethink your business operations for the future.

Our teams are available to meet your IT cost optimization, remote worker, digital transformation, or security needs. We can also quickly roll you over into a managed services environment if you need after-hours or additional support for your team.