What Is Cloud Managed Networking & Is It Right For Me?

By Adam Mark July 11, 2023

Today’s IT needs, including cloud, on-premise network, security and infrastructure all require a new, heightened level of detail and care. These needs foster innovation, opening up new IT capabilities to businesses looking for scalability, flexibility and strengthened security. Cloud managed networking provides the visibility, management and scale required to operate efficiently in today’s IT landscape. In addition, it can help save costs for office spaces, schools, healthcare venues, work from home environments and more.

What is cloud managed networking?

Cloud managed networking is a solution in which the wireless, switching, security and WAN networking solutions for an organization are integrated in such a way that allows them to be centrally managed over the web through a secure web console. It utilizes a cloud management platform to manage and monitor all network devices based on AI, big data, cloud computing and other emerging technologies. As a result, it allows SMBs and multi-branch organizations to quickly deploy and centrally manage their networks.

Why cloud managed networking?

The flexibility, agility and scalability that cloud managed networking provides can not be overlooked in today’s rapid pattern of digital transformation. Cloud managed networking allows for more energy efficient, manageable, secure and flexible cloud services. As the maturation and adoption of cloud computing technologies becomes more widespread, an increasing number of businesses are opting to build cloud management platforms. By becoming an early adopter of this technology, your business can optimize resources, save costs and improve performance exponentially.

Cloud managed networking is also driving innovation across the industry. It allows for data to be analyzed more comprehensively by having all network infrastructure under management, and it enhances network security by sharing information on new IoT devices more easily. Additionally, artificial intelligence is being used to identify abnormalities quicker and offering recommendations for optimizing networks for performance gains.

What are the advantages of cloud managed networking?

Cloud managed networking, for the right business, can provide a myriad of benefits. Different businesses may realize and prioritize different benefits, but the advantages laid out below are consistent in helping businesses operate more effectively.

Centralized Management

Cloud managed networks offer the convenience of complete network control from a secure web console. This reduces the complexities associated with network maintenance, allowing a simplified view for network managers and analysts. This simplified view makes it easier to identify issues, pull insights and strategize on ways to optimize the network moving forward.

Automatic Updates

Network updates are automatically updated to cloud servers as they are released. This greatly reduces the effort associated with traditional network upgrade procedures (i.e. uploading new software on a per device basis). This consistency allows new features associated with updates to be implemented without any business disruption. Automatic updates also help strengthen your network security by installing ways to block emerging threats and any bugs that were identified since the last version of your software.

Ease of Deployment

Networks can be configured via the web console prior to installation. An internet connection is all that is needed to register devices with the cloud controller, making it extremely easy to deploy. In the age of remote and hybrid work, this level of simplicity and flexibility is key.

Saves Costs

Cloud managed networking has the ability to help save costs by reducing hardware costs. The automation of cloud managed networking also reduces the need for the manpower, resources, maintenance and training that hosting on-prem services traditionally requires. This freed up budget and time back to employees allows more room for innovation and optimization.


On-prem networking often leaves some limitations for your business, including hardware purchases, rack space, temperature-controlled facilities, utility costs, etc. In addition to being costly, these components can also leave room for human error and external factors that may risk the productivity and operations of the facility. Cloud managed networking requires far less moving parts and can be managed remotely by IT professionals. Licensing and working internet are the two biggest requirements for cloud managed networking, leaving your business more room to grow and expand your capabilities.

What are the disadvantages of cloud managed networking?

Along with the many benefits that cloud managed networking offers, there are also some challenges that may present themselves. However, it’s up to your team to decide whether these challenges outweigh the benefits in establishing whether cloud managed networking is right for your business.

Loss of Advanced Options

Cloud managed networks are great for providing a simplified solution. However, you may lose some of the advanced features available to you via the traditional platforms. It’s important to consider which of these advanced features are crucial to your business operations. From there, you can evaluate whether these features can be made up for elsewhere and if the benefits of cloud managed networking are worth this transition.

Cloud Connection

All devices must be connected to the cloud for management. This can result in loss of management capabilities during an internet outage. While reliable internet has become increasingly accessible, especially with the prominence of remote and hybrid work, this risk of interruption is still a major consideration when deciding if cloud managed networking is right for your business.


Devices may stop working if there is a lapse in license coverage. To avoid unnecessary costs and business disruption, it’s important to be extremely diligent on renewal dates and prioritize product lifecycle management.

Is cloud managed networking right for my business?

Everyone must make their own decision on whether a cloud networking solution is right for their environment. Cloud networking solutions offer simplification and ease of management. They can often be used in conjunction with traditional network equipment. For example, you may want to move your wireless network to a CMN solution, such as Meraki, while leaving your traditional switching, WAN, security infrastructure in place. Or perhaps there is no need for the advanced features offered by traditional network equipment in your environment. This may make you an excellent candidate for migrating all network gear to a CMN solution. Before making a final decision for your business, consider the impact of the benefits and challenges laid out above.

How ivision can help

ivision can help your business save time and money during this migration to cloud managed networking. We have nearly two decades of experience helping businesses solve IT challenges, and we’re investing more and more heavily in cloud solutions every year. We keep our clients’ best interests and positions in the IT landscape at the core of our service, and we’re constantly evolving our offerings to improve their experience.

Our public cloud solutions enable seamless migration, resource optimization and enhanced agility. We focus cater our solutions to align with emerging trends that will help clients stay one step ahead of threats and impending business needs. With a focus on security and cost-efficiency, ivision helps clients unlock the full potential of the cloud and provide automation offerings to streamline processes and drive operational efficiency.

Our team of certified engineers are equipped with the expertise to help your business make the right decision for your cloud journey, and we offer ongoing support every step of the way. Whether you need assistance devising a roadmap, operating your daily operations or obtaining support at the end of your product lifecycle, ivision is here to offer best-of-breed guidance and white-glove service.

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