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Public Cloud Trends to Follow in 2023 

The market is betting on a 20% increase in cloud spend in 2023. This drastic increase from 2022 creates a lot more opportunity for businesses to make the most of their cloud experience. 

As ivision continues to align with the growing market, we’ll be paying close attention to these five trends: 

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. Using cloud-native data warehousing for business intelligence

3. Cloud migrations and adoption due to acquisitions

4. Continue to support a hybrid cloud architecture

5. Cloud-based virtual desktop

“One of ivision’s engagement values is that we’re passionate about learning and growth, and we’re definitely applying that to pretty much everything around public cloud and digital workspace,” Kevin Dralle, Public Cloud Solutions Architect said.

ivision is investing heavily in serving our clients in the public cloud space, equipping our team members with advanced training and certifications. We’re expanding our comfort zone to focus on trending areas like AI machine learning, data warehousing and more. 

To learn more about ivision’s public cloud capabilities, check out our solutions or contact us today!