Engineer Spotlight: Miguel Riojas

By Devin Nori February 23, 2023

Favorite ivision Client Engagement Value: I live with gratitude, have a great attitude and am genuinely interested in the success of our clients. 

Every moment we interact with our clients matters. When they recognize that we really feel grateful for being their partners, it only helps us keep building our good relationships with them.


What inspired you to become an Engineer?

Since I was a little boy, I’ve always been curious about how little parts/concepts piece together to build great/amazing things. It also helped that at home, we would often had a broken radio, TV set or car stereo. The first step with my day was to take a look and see if we could fix it. Finding that part that broke, replacing it and bringing the images or sounds back to life was inspiring for sure.


Miguel’s Career Journey

I started my IT career in Mexico working for a Carrier/ISP where I stayed for 11+ years. After that huge learning experience, I’ve been blessed to have worked on almost all facets of our industry. I’ve worked for a Cisco partner/channel, then for a government entity and then for an outsourcing firm based also in Mexico but supporting US markets.

In 2012, I relocated to the US (Texas) to work for a big enterprise in the transportation sector, an airline. Not long enough after being let go from that company due to a downsizing exercise (triggered by the effects that COVID had on this industry), I found myself yet with another great opportunity before me, to be part of a Managed Service Provider, to continue my learning journey. I joined ivision in July of 2021 and have enjoyed every second of it since then.


What is your favorite part of the job?

What I enjoyed the most here in ivision is the camaraderie that transpires within the team I’m honored to be part of. Helping our clients by providing solutions to their requests and doing it with a smile on my face is huge and rewarding, but trusting in your teammates to be next to you and provide support when needed is what makes this role a great one to play.


What’s a fun fact about yourself that others might find interesting?

Even though I love sports, I never practiced any martial arts, but back in the day I probably watched “Karate Kid” about 20 times. The wax-on wax-off scene stuck in my brain to a point that during middle school season (defending from bullies), it was key factor to avoid more than a couple of punches landing on my face.


What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy photography, mainly taking action shots of our kids playing sports. I can also either play or coach soccer, or at least watch/discuss about it almost every day of the week. I volunteer as a board member in our local youth soccer association, so that makes it easy to stick to this hobby for now.