Engineer Spotlight: Jeeves Green

By Devin Nori November 2, 2023

Favorite ivision Client Engagement Value: I am empowered to go the extra mile for my coworkers, clients and community.

What inspired you to become an Engineer?

From a young age, I loved to take electronics apart and put them back together to see how they worked. My curiosity of how electronics worked, paired with encouragement from my uncle, who also is an Engineer, is what inspired me to become an Engineer.

Please share a bit of background on your career journey that led you to iVision.

While attending university, I worked as a Helpdesk Technician for the Campus IT Department and grew a passion for helping people, learning new technology and fixing broken things. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science, I went to work for Healthcare IT as a Lead Support Technician. From there, I decided to head back to Higher Ed, but this time in a professional capacity as a Systems Administrator and eventually became Manager of Host and Network Services. In this role, I provided managerial and technical leadership to a group of Systems Administrators and was responsible for IT Security for the University. I was the primary AzureAD, M365 and Linux Engineer. 

After a few emails and phone calls with one of ivision’s recruiters (Alex Fairchild) and speaking with some ESS Management and members of the Digital Workspace team, I knew joining ivision was the right step to take in advancing my career.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Teamwork and Partnership! ivision is full of amazing and knowledgeable employees. I know my teammates support me, and I support them. Being part of such a great team makes partnering with our clients so much easier and we can offer them the best support possible. I really enjoy getting to work with my teammates every day.

What’s a fun fact about yourself that others might find interesting?

I love playing guitar and piano, and I’ve taught beginner guitar classes for over 10 years.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love spending time with my wife and two kids. I enjoy skiing, racquetball, golf, guitar and piano. I am very involved with my church and love helping grow worship teams.