Engineer Spotlight: Brian Bell

By Devin Nori August 21, 2023

Favorite ivision Client Engagement Value: I engineer thoughtful solutions that promote long-term partnerships.

What inspired you to become an Engineer?

When I was 12, my grandfather took me out of school and brought me to get my first computer. At the time, I didn’t know what it was called but I knew that I wanted to do something that involved computers. I spent hours on that little HP Compaq surfing on my dial up connection, building a simple website with HTML and figuring out what it could do. 

In college, I was a Computer Science major and started working in the IT department my freshman year. I quickly learned that Computer Science and IT are NOT the same things (I eventually switched to Math and Education). My real passion was in my work rather than my school. I was one of the only students allowed to touch the network infrastructure, so I started learning about cabling and switching on a blazing-fast 10/100 network. I spent summers working full time in IT and I was hooked. 20 years later here I am, still hooked. I love how technology can be used as tools to make our lives easier and more efficient. Nothing is impossible – the only limits are imagination, time and money.

Brian’s Career Journey

I have spent most of my career as an engineer. In every place I’ve worked I started in a more junior position and worked my way into a management or leadership position. My career started in manufacturing in Rochester, NY where I worked in a print house. It was here where I cut my teeth first as an intern, then was hired on as a full-time junior engineer, and eventually as the IT manager. 

Next, I went to work with my local government in their IT department. I only lasted about two years there, as the government was much too slow for my liking. Then it was on to the University of Rochester Writing, Speaking and Argument Program. This is where I learned that writing code was an interesting way to get things done. I saw some processes that seemed way too manual, so I learned PHP, Javascript, Python and any other language I needed to automate the processes. Then came my move to Georgia and Digital Agent. In this job, I started as a tier 1/2 engineer and ended as a tier 3 engineer and a manager. 

What is your favorite part of the job?

I get to be surrounded by people who are way smarter than me. Not only that, but they are willing to share their technical expertise.

What’s a fun fact about yourself that others might find interesting?

I love to cook – especially BBQ.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I have a second job as a CrossFit coach. I actually enjoy the coaching even more than the workout part.