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The problem with the old way of management

We can’t just point and click our way to answers anymore. The modern IT Infrastructure has more devices, more computers, more phones, more Access Points, Storage Units and Servers than ever before. Virtualized Infrastructure made it easy for us to “just add another VM”, and before we knew it, we all ended up with Infrastructure Sprawl. If we’re trying to manage our systems and get work done using the Next-Next-Next-Finish style of systems administration, we’re all going to have to work through lunch, and the weekend’s not looking too good either.

What you need: PowerShell training!

The modern IT worker needs to be empowered to reach out and touch some Systems. Fortunately in Windows PowerShell, we have our solution. Every new product out of Redmond supports it (it’s part of the Common Release Framework, meaning that if the new shiny solution from Microsoft doesn’t support PowerShell, it doesn’t ship!), and present on every version of Windows since Vista. It’s already in your environment, and it answers so many problems. Here’s a few:

  • Need to get a program installed on every user in accounting?
    • No Problem, use PowerShell to query AD for Accounting Users, and place them in the right Software distribution collection in SCCM.   An easy one-liner!
  • Building out deployments is taking too long!
    • PowerShell DSC to the rescue!  It becomes easy to describe your infrastructure as you want it to be in a few text files and let PowerShell build it for you, using Desired State Configuration, a tool similar to Chef and Puppet.
  • Gathering information from systems is a slow and manual process
    • It is very easy and fast to query hundreds of computers for practically anything from Local Admins, to memory or disk space.  The skies the limit, with built-in remoting!

What we offer in our PowerShell Boot camp

Your IT Staff will get the boot camp treatment in our three-day high energy event. Our trainer and Microsoft MVP of PowerShell Stephen Owen, will be there to guide them from the ground floor of command line basics, through finding commands, using help, writing functions, making reports (a special lab dedicated to creating high-quality report to allow their skills to really shine) and finally a walkthrough module showing them the ins-and-outs of Visual Studio, to upgrade their functions into reusable graphical tools.  Your staff will return energized and excited about PowerShell, and armed with the skills they need to craft custom tools to fit your modern IT environment.

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What students who’ve taken the course are saying

Just a few of the snippets we’ve received from students of our course thus far.

“You started at zero and worked with everyone through the stages. If people needed more discussion, you allowed it. If questions were asked outside of the material, you covered it or provided the resources.”

Charlotte – “I loved the hands-on training; giving us clear actual, real-life, usable examples that we could implement once we got back to the office. It was great how Stephen actually took the time to go to each person (as time allowed) and made sure they were comfortable with the exercises and then even went to the front of the class to clarify sometimes questionable or misunderstood portions of either the exercise or PowerShell itself.”

“…very few times we’ve had a class where you can tell the presenter is actually a professional and knows not only the scope of the class but a whole lot more.”

“I like the fact the instructor instructed and discussed matters depending on the level of the participant. I was a novice and he answered my questions to that level. Those participants having higher level of PowerShell were still answered at their level but so all understood what was going on”

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