Cisco DNA Center Assurance: What You Need to Know

By Clint St. Romain September 20, 2019
View of city with internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought an increase in the number of devices connected to any given network. These growing, complex networks need to be managed more efficiently than ever before – and with an IT budget that hasn’t grown to match. How do you manage your network and still have time to focus on strategic IT projects that drive business goals? Enter the Cisco DNA Center.

What is the Cisco DNA Center?

Cisco DNA Center is an all-encompassing network management platform that can simplify the deployment and administration of an organization’s entire network. Prior to the arrival of DNA Center, network administrators had to use a variety of Cisco solutions for network management. With DNA Center, network administrators gain a full perspective of any user’s experience and can understand what’s happening in the network at any time. The Assurance component is a valuable asset for any IT professional involved with the ongoing management of a network.

DNA Center Assurance: Key Features

Cisco DNA Center Assurance is a comprehensive solution for both reactive network troubleshooting and proactive network administration. This platform is also the foundation for Cisco’s machine learning program, Cisco AI Network Analytics. This technology, included with the Assurance capabilities of DNA Center, uses advanced algorithms to empower network administrators and continuously improve the user experience. By implementing the artificial intelligence and machine learning features of AI Network Analytics, you are able to further leverage Assurance’s key functions, allowing you to:  

  • Align your network operation with your business intent
  • Integrate the three primary domains of your business’s network:
    • SD-WAN
    • Data Center LAN
    • Campus Network (or Campus LAN)
  • Simplify the collection and analysis of the abundance of data the companies ingest daily
  • Identify vulnerable assets as part of your lifecycle management strategy
  • Plan for budgeting to replace antiquated versions, devices, and hardware
  • Provide better visibility within the landscape of your organization
  • Save time by accurately identifying issues automatically and with less troubleshooting

DNA Center Application Integration

“Strong API offerings are key for IT shops to be able to build their own critical integrations. But leveraging the integrations created by Cisco DNA Center and our partners brings tremendous value in reducing the work required to create and support common integration points.” – Stephen Hoover, manager of network management team in Cisco IT

In addition to the main functions, there are a few features that every network administrator should be familiar with to maximize their DNA Center experience. Importantly, you can use APIs to enable integration with external applications, allowing you to maintain an agile and transformational network. Leveraging existing third-party applications allows you to make automate many processes and make rapid changes to enterprise networks using Cisco DNA Center.

  • Integrate with security platforms to provide a single pane view for your enterprise. Cisco DNA Center creates a trusted communications link with Cisco ISE to share data securely.
  • Integrate into ITSM processes to provide on-demand or live incidents for a given configuration item within an environment.
  • With Cisco DNA Center integration into Cisco ACI, it allows for automated user mapping policy segmentation when accessing resources in your datacenter.

Smarter Solutions for Intelligent Networks

Forward-thinking companies know that embracing new tools will push them ahead of the competition. Today’s networks are complex, software-defined enterprises and guaranteeing user experience and security means configuring clear parameters for each of the many devices connected to any given network. With DNA Center Assurance, your network performance is proactively monitored and constantly improving. More than that, Assurance provides immediate steps for remediation, streamlining your troubleshooting process. In 2018, Gartner projected that the number of IoT devices will reach 25 billion by 2021. Will your IT be ready?

A knowledgeable partner can help you plan for and manage a DNA Center integration. At ivision, we’re experienced and certified in Cisco network and security solutions. Not only that, but we leverage our certifications to provide an even higher level of customer support. We understand that digital transformation is critical for your expansion – and we know how to get you there.