Project Management Tools: Choosing the Right Ones

The project management tools to help your team soar

At iVision we strive to always provide the best service for our clients. We have created a culture centered around healthy and thoughtful client engagement, which includes “White Glove” delivery. As a company we realize that the highest quality of delivery begins from the ground up and incorporates every aspect of that process, including the tools being used. We keep a very open mind to not only focus on how we deliver engagements but what we use to deliver those engagements.

Sometimes but not always the tools you use can be the extra lift you need to soar just as high and just as far as you originally envisioned. As you think about your service delivery, are your tools helping you meet client expectations? Are they allowing you to bring your A game? We are currently in the process of choosing a tool to enhance our project delivery. Listed below are some of the questions we’ve asked to help evaluate the different tools that are on the market and have played an integral part in our decision making:

  1. How robust is the tool?
  2. Does this tool have an API for custom development?
  3. Is this tool good for collaboration amongst all team members?
  4. Can this tool work well with Agile and Waterfall delivery based projects?
  5. Can this tool integrate with other applications we are currently leveraging?

When choosing tools for your project delivery it’s important to ensure that that tool can meet the needs of your organization and provide ways for not only your internal team but all stakeholders in the project to succeed.

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