Automate Your Help Desk

By Mary Kinney July 21, 2021

Create an exceptional customer service experience and build stronger customer relationships by expanding services through automation. IT organizations often struggle to get customers engaged to self-help capabilities. However, once implemented, customers find that it meets their needs more quickly and provides a better overall experience. Expanding an organization’s tools to a Service Catalog and offering live agent chat, self-service knowledge and a chatbot powered by AI alters the traditional way of working and provides channels to deliver real time support.

Service Catalog

Service catalogs give customers a common place to view a comprehensive list of IT services available to them. Here, they can find relevant information about the services, learn costs and, with automated workflows and approval, mechanisms specific to each service delivery. Overall, service catalogs provide efficiency by standardizing services requests and the fulfillment process.

Live Agent Chat

Using a live agent messaging tool enables help desk agents to provide real-time assistance for customer support. Live Chat is fast, efficient, convenient and drives customer satisfaction ratings. Providing Live Chat also builds customer rapport with Help Desk Agents by increasing customer engagement. Customers can send their questions to a person who can quickly reply, and conversations for support can auto populate in the customer case, tracking the service to resolution. Chat data helps provide important decisions on products, gathering of support knowledge content and tracking of problem incidents.

Self Service Knowledge

A strong knowledge base is critical to the support of any organization. Knowledge as part of self-help can reduce tickets by 14%, provide a quicker solution delivery by reducing phone queue or response wait times and provides round the clock support for customers. Self-help knowledge can also increase employee productivity and increase customer satisfaction surveys. Customer feedback is crucial to improving knowledge content and keeping it up to date.


With AI, chatbot can resolve customers’ requests without an agent 24/7. This practice increases customer productivity by supporting IT requests through self-service, while also improving response time and the customer experience. Gathering the data for a specific period to select what data will be used and knowledge content in place is a good starting point. Reviewing the feedback with customers during the pilot and improving the experience can help achieve a successful chatbot experience, as well. Promoting the service through a communication plan for availability will prompt customers to use the service.

ivision is taking our own advice and working to implement these practices into our own operations to function more quickly and efficiently internally, giving us the chance to serve our clients in a more timely and productive manner.