2023 Recruiting Outlook: Steady Your Ship!

By Alex Fairchild January 25, 2023

2023 is a year of uncertainty for many companies. The tech industry has begun conducting layoffs in anticipation of recession, and inflation has affected us all. In times of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to find companies that offer stability.

What makes your company stable?

You should be examining your company’s business model – will it hold up in times of recession? For how long? If you have trouble answering these questions, it may be time to look for a more stable environment. Stability can be different for every company – for ivision, it is our recurring revenue and relationships with clients. Our clients rely on our managed services team to keep their IT infrastructure performing at a high level at all times. Our managed services team does this with white-glove service, offering amazing support and building trust at the highest level with our clients.

How do you shine in a competitive job market?

In times of recession, the job market becomes more competitive. How can you stand out above other candidates? The best way is to show measurable success – quantifiable results of your performance. This can be displayed in a number of ways:

  • Reduced technical issues by X%
  • Managed large project that finished X weeks ahead of schedule and $X under budget
  • Improved client satisfaction by X% based on feedback reports
How can companies support employees in unstable times?

It is more important now, than ever, for companies to support their employees’ mental health. Employers should be transparent about the company’s performance and offer benefits to support employees in difficult times. This can be done in many ways – ivision has frequent updates from our executive team to discuss our company-wide goals and performance. We also offer opportunities to work remote, which improves work/life balance, and access to free therapy and counseling sessions for employees and their families.

There is no crystal ball for what will happen in 2023, but the best way to protect yourself in times of uncertainty is to find a steady ship – a support network that includes friends, family and employment that offer stability. If you’re looking to board our steady ship, full of passionate, talented IT professionals, check out our open positions at ivision. Happy New Year, and cheers to a stable and productive 2023!