Security Assessment

Our security teams utilize a comprehensive assessment process to safeguard assets, maintain regulatory compliance, build customer trust and ensure our clients are well-prepared to face the evolving threat landscape.

Our hacker mindset at work.

At ivision, we approach complex IT environments with a hacker mindset. We identify and remediate potential threats across the organization while running industry and regulatory compliance assessments. There’s no stone left unturned.

Security Assessment Offerings

Enterprise Penetration Testing & Red Teaming

Proactively find flaws before they can be exposed or exploited.

Carrier & OEM Device Security

Enable frictionless product launches and ongoing protection of customer data.

Application Security Assessment

We conduct threat-driven testing to protect your digital revenue streams.

Product Security Engineering/DevSecOps

Preserve velocity, cost and time by building security into your software.

Security Assessment for AI Enabled Applications

Safeguard your AI deployments by concentrating on vulnerabilities specific to Generative AI.

Continuous Penetration Testing & CASM

Discover, understand, and monitor your network attack surface to reduce the time between vulnerability introduction and discovery.

Our Approach to Security Assessment

Each business is as dynamic as its IT infrastructure and threat landscape. As a business imperative, we’ll cover the gamut—rigorous enterprise and specialized penetration testing, threat modeling, engineering, remediation support and software product design and implementation—ensuring all people, processes and technology are fully aligned and accounted for.

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