Eric Aslaksen

General Manager of Security Leadership

Eric Aslaksen is the General Manager of Security at ivision. 

Eric joined ivision in 2008, and his engineering-oriented perspective, entrepreneurial drive and military-trained discipline quickly made him an invaluable member of our team. He held positions as Senior Consultant, Principle Consultant, Data Center Practice Manager, Director of Engineering and Senior Director of Engineering and Support Services before becoming CTO in 2014. 

An Air Force veteran who served overseas during the Gulf War, Eric moved from the military to corporate enterprise. He worked for AT&T, BellSouth, SunTrust and Capgemini before joining ivision. He was awarded multiple patents for software development and product innovation while holding technical roles that included storage engineer, developer, project manager and infrastructure architect. Today, Eric draws on his deep industry experience to orchestrate business improvements for our company and our clients. 

Eric studied Business Administration at Indiana University.  


Indiana University – Business Administration 

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