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Monmouth College – Intersection of Science and Business featured in talk by CEO, Gabe Damiani

By ivision February 6, 2014

Gabe Damiani | ivision CEO and Co-Founder

Gabe Damiani spoke at Monmouth College on Sept. 26 in the Mellinger Commons of the Center for Science and Business. The topic of his talk was titled: “Engineer the future, today.”

The students focused a lot of attention on trying to understand the cloud and hyper-cloud better.  They were also drawn to the realization of the merging of technology and business and that they were not mutually exclusive.  Many questions on who gets a job and why were posed, and Gabe discussed the ivision concept of hiring talented people irrespective of what degree they might hold.  Students realized that continued learning and training would be a part of their post-graduate life.  Students came to me and thanked me for having Gabe to at our college.  They related to him, to his dream of what ivision could be, and the courage to make that dream a growing reality.  They appreciated his concern for iVIsion employees and related that they felt his corporate concepts were what they hoped to find in a career.  Many said that the work environment and ethical standards were more important than salary and found his ideas of employee ownership and growing together a positive influence in their job searches.  This was a positive view of the “real world” for students.  They realized that there are companies that want people who are not afraid to dream big and work to achieve those dreams.  Students saw that there are companies who look for talent and welcome you for wanting to grow that talent.  They also saw a young man who was developing a successful and growing business.  Many commented that “Look what he’s helped create in just 9 years!”  They realized that age was not restrictive if you have talent and ambition. – Tom Prince, Visiting Assistant Professor Political Economy & Commerce