Recycle, Reuse, Inspire – Technology Donations to Celebrate Earth Day

By ivision April 21, 2016


Tracy Barahona, Client Advocate at ivision, engages the company to celebrate Earth Day by supporting a local charity. 

What happens when you mix a sustainable recycling method with a non-profit dedicated to leveraging technology? You create a program that collects and donates re-purposed devices to power student achievement. This is inspired by PowerMyLearning, a national non-profit that leverages technology to ensure children are able to power their learning while strengthening the learning relationships among students, teachers, and families to foster success for all students.

I became aware of this organization after attending the Inspire 2015 charity event which recognizes inspirational outcomes of families that have participated in the PowerMyLearning program. It was compelling to witness so many families and teachers tell stories of how they’ve become more engaged through this incredible program. The stories were so impactful, I was inspired to get involved.

I reached out to the Director of Technology, Richard Hicks, and Senior Manager of Development, David Stokes, and we collectively came up with an electronics collection drive to encourage ivision employees to get involved and give back. In light of Earth Day, this drive urged all employees to search through old laptops and other devices that were unused or stashed away to donate for a good cause.

PowerMyLearning collects recycled devices from ivision for Earth Day.
Tracy Barahona poses with PowerMyLearning at donation pick-up.


Through this drive, we collected over four bins worth of laptops and equipment to donate to PowerMyLearning! We hope to continue and grow our supporting partnership with PowerMyLearning to help spread the word about this beneficial cause and non-profit organization. It’s very fitting the collection day fell during the week of Earth Day and we are honored to not only be able to recycle our devices by donating to PowerMyLearning, but also to know they will be used to support the education of the students in our community.


Tracy Barahona

Tracy Barahona