Top 10 IT Insights from the iVision Blog in 2019

The yearly top ten list is a time-honored tradition as old as reminding your employees to use a VPN while they’re home for the holidays. In 2019, iVision published a great deal of blogs, videos, and other content. This list represents some of the year’s most popular pieces. While the list may lack the excitement of sending a phishing test to your company, it offers an invaluable insight into what’s top of mind for information technology professionals.

What sparked interest this year? Guidance from our expert engineers on how to leverage specific industry software, for one. Not to mention forward-thinking predictions from our strategic and executive teams on upcoming priorities for CIOs and security leaders. But the most popular blog this year? It has to be a boundary-pushing look at what can be accomplished with a performance monitoring platform – and a Tesla.

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Top 10 Insights of 2019

1. Understanding Office 365 Security and Compliance Permissions

The Security & Compliance Center is designed to help manage compliance features across your company. It’s important that you know its functionality and features for maximum impact. A common roadblock that many organizations come up against is selecting the correct level of access for users. Become more familiar with the basics so that you can understand the various role groups and user permissions.

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2. Law Firm Security Programs and the Digital Lawyer in 2019

As data and resources move to the cloud, companies are working harder than ever to combat cybersecurity threats. Law firms in particular must pay careful attention to their security program capabilities. iVision CEO Gabe Damiani shares his insights in this blog on modern legal technology and the differences between compliance and security.

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3. Lifecycle Management and How to Leverage It for Your Business

Everything has a usable lifespan, especially IT technology. Technology is meant to provide your business with a competitive advantage. However, assets at the end of their lifecycle can begin to hinder an organization rather than support it. Having a dedicated employee responsible for lifecycle management can ensure that your IT remains secure and productive.

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4. The CIO’s Cloud Priorities 2019: Buy More / Spend Less

The year be coming to a close, but the priorities in this list are as relevant as ever. iVision’s Strategy & Operations Lead sheds some light on cloud migration. If 2019 wasn’t a year of efficient cloud growth for your organization, there’s no better time to start than 2020. 

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5. Partner or Vendor: Which Provides More Business Value

A partnership is a commitment to an ongoing business relationship. Vendors, on the other hand, might deliver a product or service but are not invested in their clients. David Degitz, iVision President, asks technology leaders to consider the business value that comes from a true partnership. Working strategically with a true partner offers a level of trust and a shared vision that is aligned to your business. 

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6. Zerto 7 and the Promise of the Elastic Journal

iVision was a participant in the Zerto 7 Early Adopter Program. This allowed our team to thoroughly test the new features of Zerto 7. This blog highlights two of its new features, the elastic journal and intelligent indexing and search. These are powerful new features that have traditionally only been available in backup products. 

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7. Using Veeam and ReFS to Save Time and Space

One key challenge for modern organizations is managing data and ensuring that it is readily available across a protected cloud environment. The Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 deployment brought some significant new benefits for addressing data integrity. Leveraging some of these new capabilities, especially around ReFS, can really improve your backup process. 

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8. Why Employee Referrals Are Crucial for Hiring in Tech

Ever wonder how iVision is able to consistently hire expert engineers? We are committed to hiring talent that fits our company culture and values in order to create a collaborative organization. iVision’s recruiter explains our methods — and why employees are still your company’s greatest asset when it comes to hiring. 

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9. New Cisco Certifications: Everything You Need to Know

Achieving and maintaining technical certifications is critical for staying relevant in tech. This year’s Cisco Live announced new changes to the Cisco certification portfolio. We break down the top changes you need to know to be successful in your certification journey. And don’t forget, these changes go live on February 24, 2020!

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10. LogicMonitor Versatility: Monitoring, APIs and a Tesla Model 3

You may think you know LogicMonitor, a leading SaaS performance monitoring platform. It is incredible versatile in its ability to take data from any source and display it a variety of ways. Even if you’ve heard that LogicMonitor offers endless possibilities — we’ll bet that you haven’t seen it used like this before. Our engineers pushed the platform outside of its intended use to monitor data points exposed via an API for Tesla vehicles.

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