iVision’s 2019 IT Predictions

One of our top priorities at iVision is staying ahead of IT trends to improve the services and solutions we offer our clients. As we reach the end of the first fiscal quarter of 2019, a few trends have already started emerging. For iVision’s 2019 IT Predictions, we’ve grouped these trends into three main categories: Security, Cloud, and Business Continuity. We expect these trends to remain constant throughout the year and hope to help our clients prepare accordingly to improve their business operations.

IT Predictions: Security

As cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated and pervasive, IT leaders will need to make sure that their environments are as secure as possible. From talent and vendor management to proactively protecting against attacks, these IT predictions make it clear that you need to prepare for the changing landscape of cybersecurity.

Talent Management

Security expertise will get increasingly more difficult to find and retain. Companies will partner with security service providers that can extend the skill sets of their internal teams while increasing their overall security postures with rigor and discipline. These vendors need to be proficient in supporting automated alerting, response, and remediation to help protect their clients’ valuable digital assets and company brand. Having a seamless relationship between your internal team and vendor partners will help mitigate security risks across all business areas as mandated.

Proactive Risk Management

Expect an increase in phishing and spear phishing targeted attacks this year. This is will increase not only for the C-level executives but also target employees that have the keys to critical data. CEO Impersonations are a low-effort, high-success attack that targets these team members, including your senior engineering staff.

It’s not just that the frequency of attacks that will increase; the attacks themselves are going to become more sophisticated in 2019. Malware, specifically, will continue to advance as cybercriminals look for bigger payout or malicious intent from funded overseas entities. Sophisticated fileless and invisible malware will leverage new techniques with the addition of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Getting Back to the Basics

While it could be easy to shift your focus to the new threats facing your organization, it’s also important to support your existing security technology. In 2019, CISO’s need to put a renewed emphasis on robust patch management strategies, server hardening, and privileged account management.

IT Predictions: Cloud

It should come as no surprise that the cloud will be an ever-important factor in your IT playbook in 2019. As demands for innovation increase, so does the need for powerful, rapid performance with a reasonable, manageable cost structure. One prevalent IT prediction is that clients will continue to adopt public cloud but place a priority on micro-services to accelerate the speed of development and decrease the overall spend. Innovation also forces a shift in the way we think about traditional data centers. Most businesses will require a hybrid approach as data continues to grow closer to the edge. This year we will see a growing demand for powerful compute and performance at the edge that can support Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence workloads.

IT Predictions: Business Continuity

Our final IT prediction for 2019 is that there will be more focus placed on overall business continuity. When organizations are growing and changing so quickly, lapses in service and lengthy RPOs can be devastating. The fear of security related breaches and outages will lead the focus around developing a strong Business Resilience strategy. This will require a new approach to the architecture that was formally developed for traditional Disaster Recovery programs that focused on natural disasters, power outages, hardware failures, and user errors.

Out with the Old

As companies refresh their data center infrastructure this year, they will move away from traditional methods for resiliency and recovery. With new software-based offerings, continuous data replication and automated failover will allow clients to enjoy 10-second RPOs with ease. These tools will follow your data whether it resides on-prem, public cloud, or somewhere in between. Additionally, businesses will accelerate the offloading of these functions to service providers that focus on Disaster Recovery and Backup to ensure success with guaranteed SLA’s. This cost-effective move will free up their existing staff to focus on the business goals of the company versus trying to maintain a complex system of redundancy.

In with Compliance

In 2019, compliance requirements and adoption of SOC, ISO and other industry audits, along with new standards for data privacy (GDPR, AB 375) will require companies to have a documented Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) in place. This BCMS will provide a documented, repeatable playbook of policy and procedures for the business.

With these IT predictions in mind, iVision is constantly adjusting our offerings and solutions to help our clients fully optimize their cloud, security, and business continuity needs. 2019 promises to be a year full of forward growth and innovation, which can only happen with the right balance of internal IT talent, external vendor support, and documented policies to help ensure resilience. When your business is operating at maximum efficiency, your internal teams can focus on the future of your organization.

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