Navigating the Era of AI 

By ivision May 10, 2024

We’ve officially entered the era of AI. This exciting time offers a world of possibilities, but also requires a level of extreme care and consideration. In order to leverage AI responsibly, effectively, and comprehensively, companies need reliable partners who know their business needs. ivision has partnered with Microsoft to help guide our clients through their AI journeys, offering support every step of the way.  

Check out some of the key insights Microsoft has pulled from this new era of AI and how your business can benefit from it.  

Cloud Built for AI 

AI is shifting what success looks like for every business function. As a Microsoft Managed Partner, we can help you seize the AI opportunity with AI strategies tailored to your business. Envision a new future in the era of AI in this informative article.   

Responsible AI 

As a Microsoft Managed Partner, we can help you better understand the value of responsible AI practices. Responsible AI is a journey, one that takes collaboration and open exchanges to ground progress in a shared goal of ethical policy and processes. Check out this blog and discover the key areas of focus you can establish as you develop your AI practice. 

AI Leadership 

As a Microsoft Managed Partner, we’d like to share with you a framework of learning and emerging best practices to help guide you through realizing sustainable business value with AI. Learn more in this six-part series on AI leadership which can help inform your AI strategy, whether you are just beginning to consider AI, are testing and deploying, or are well along the path. 

AI Transformation 

Microsoft Copilot is your everyday AI companion. As a Microsoft Managed Partner, we can help you achieve more by helping you take advantage of AI solutions that make your teams more productive and help your leaders solve their biggest business challenges.    

Microsoft Cloud 

As organizations continue to embrace AI transformation, it is critical they develop clarity on how best to apply AI to meet their most pressing business needs. Discover how leaders are driving pragmatic innovation to achieve business outcomes with the Microsoft Cloud. As a Microsoft Managed Partner, we can help you seize the AI opportunity.   

Want to learn more about how ivision can help you on your journey to achieving a responsible, secure, and integrated AI experience? Learn more about our Microsoft partnership and offerings around Copilot Readiness, Copilot for M365, and Copilot for Power Platform. Reach out to get started today!