Security Awareness Training: Secure Your Company Culture

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Every day it seems like there is another security incident or attack that has critically impacted the targeted organization. In a large number of these, the attack directly involved the organization’s own employees or users. For example, a recent coordinated ransomware attack hit the computer systems of local government agencies in 22 small Texas towns. […]

Zerto 7 and the promise of the Elastic Journal

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iVision is a Zerto 7 Early Adopter iVision is excited to announce our participation in the Zerto 7 Early Adopter Program. As a part of this program, our team will get the chance to thoroughly test the new features of Zerto 7 and get a head start on identifying how these features can impact our […]

IT Resiliency – Disaster Recovery for the Modern Era

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Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Expanding this definition into the IT Ecosystem, IT resiliency is the ability of an IT organization to maintain service levels regardless of the difficulties faced. These difficulties come from a variety of angles, including security threats, network, and infrastructure outages, and just basic human […]

Protect your virtual environment from real disasters with cloud technology.

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The technology involved in protecting a virtual environment from disaster is constantly evolving. I was reminded of this fact as we were recently conducting a proof of concept exercise for one of our clients. They are bringing a new application online in Europe and had specific requirements around GDPR that required in-region failover along with […]