Protecting your business-critical operations starts with a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategy. Identify potential threats and implement a recovery plan with iVision’s BaaS and DRaaS solutions. Achieve reliable data protection for your business-critical information and streamline the disaster recovery process for services and applications.

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iVision Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a fully managed hybrid backup service that backs up information to a secure, cloud-based data repository over a network connection.

BaaS is a straightforward way to protect your business’ information from the risk of loss while using a trusted partner. Let iVision experts manage your data backups so that you can get back to managing your business.

We deliver enterprise-class data protection features and our BaaS offers scalability through a combination of on-premise and cloud resources for backup, restores, archiving, e-discovery, encryption and other data protection needs. We offer multiple ways for you to leverage AWS or Azure for your backups:

  • If you maintain a primary data center on-premises but want to utilize the cloud for backup, we can replicate your environment up to Azure/AWS
  • If you have a public cloud infrastructure with Azure or AWS and you want to protect those assets, iVision BaaS can assist with that


iVision Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) improves business continuity and helps to streamline your disaster recovery management.

Our fully managed platform is flexible and capable of providing access to enterprise-class cloud resources, whether its public, private, or iVision’s cloud. Match your requirements with our feature set and reallocate your IT staff to focus on business growth, not day-to-day protection.

iVision DRaaS is a secure, consumption-based, fully managed model providing clients the option of using a varity of failover targets. Our dedicated team of disaster recovery experts is capable of layering our services in the following ways:

  • If you have a significant investment in a secondary data center, however you’re looking to improve IT Resiliency and overall Disaster Recovery with failover runbooks and managed services
  • If you maintain a primary data center on-premises but want to utilize the cloud for disaster recovery, we can replicate your environment up to Azure/AWS, and provide managed services to facilitate the failover

If you are interested in consolidating to a single on-premesis data center and moving Disaster Recovery to an OPEX centric solution but maintain the features and flexibility of a hybrid model. iVision’s cloud can provide the features of the public cloud, but with the flexibility of a private cloud.