Protecting Data in an Ocean of Change

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Think of today’s Chief Information Officer as the captain of a ship sailing the high seas carrying valuable cargo and treasures to be delivered to its destination (ok, ok…work with me here…think an old trusty wooden trunk full of Seagate Hard-Drives containing all their ERP and CRM data on it. Yaaargh!). Now they’ve set on course backed by a crew with the knowledge and experience to help them get there. And for the most part, it’s been smooth sailing. But as of late the waters have gotten a lot riskier, and the boat is being rocked harder than ever, constantly being held back by unrelenting storms, dangerous pirates and their running out of supplies fast. Time is running out, and with all the ongoing challenges, the crew – and even the captain – have become overly distracted. And before you know it…they’ve ultimately gotten off course.